Vague Google Assistant email warns of disabled routines, Hey Google bug

Some, but not all, Google Assistant users received an “action required” email starting yesterday that warned about a bug that impacted hotword and other service settings.

“[Action Required] Google Assistant Settings” was sent by “The Google Workspace Team” — though signed by the Assistant team — and says the company “discovered a bug that may have affected your Google Assistant and device setup and preferences.”

In terms of specifics, this issue could have disabled personal routines and the “Hey Google” hotword on some devices. Google says it’s “looking into possible solutions to restore affected settings,” but otherwise tells users to visit Assistant and Home settings to check and re-enable as needed. The included support link is vague and does not provide additional details.

It ends on, “We sincerely apologize. We will be in touch with further information.”

This was not an email sent to every Google Assistant user, while not all — or even most — that received it say they’ve had hotword detection or routines disabled. In theory, it’s a simple enough fix of going into Assistant settings. The more ideal solution would be Google being able to address and restore things server-side.

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Author: Abner Li
Source: 9TO5Google

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