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Tesla is working on Apple and Amazon Music in-car integration

Tesla is working on adding Apple Music and Amazon Music as new native in-car music services inside its electric vehicles.

While most other automakers are turning to phone mirroring with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to handle media playback inside their cars, Tesla is insisting on integrating music services into its own user interface.

For years, the automaker has been integrating different music streaming services inside its vehicles with apps built into its center displays.

Most famously, Tesla has integrated Spotify into its vehicles.

More recently, CEO Elon Musk said that Tesla would add Tidal to its integrated music services, and now we’ve learned that the automaker is also working on integrating Apple Music and Amazon Music.

Tesla hacker ‘green’ spotted early versions of the integration in Tesla’s user interface in a recent software update:

Looks like more media sources are coming soon. Though it’s not quite there yet.
The icon in UI is wrong, but the correct on is already populated.

— green (@greentheonly) December 27, 2020

When looking at the different media sources, several new options showed up although they are not usable just yet:

Based on this leak, it appears that Tesla is working to add several new media sources, including Amazon Music, Audible, which is also owned by Amazon, and Apple Music.

Tesla drivers will be able to link their music streaming accounts with those services to their cars and use the services through the car interface instead of from their phones being connected to Bluetooth, which is of course already an option.

There’s no way to know the timing of the integration, but green noted that the Tidal seems to be the furthest along in development.

With more media sources coming to Tesla vehicles, the automaker recently released a new software update that enables drivers to hide media sources.

Now, you can simply go into the settings and have only media sources that you actually use be displayed in the main UI.

This feature is going to become particularly useful if Tesla ends up doubling the number of music services that can be linked to their vehicles, which appears to be the case.

Author: Fred Lambert
Source: Electrek

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