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Tesla has a new self-diagnostic feature in its app

Tesla has been working on a new “self-diagnostic” feature in its app that the automaker runs when certain types of service appointments are requested.

For better or worse, Tesla has been heavily betting on its mobile app to handle service.

It can be challenging for some Tesla owners to simply directly contact their local Tesla service center. Instead, everything is handled through Tesla’s mobile app, from explaining the issue to scheduling an appointment. You often won’t talk to a human until your car is already in the shop.

Some prefer this experience; others would like to be able to talk to a technician about their issues beforehand.

One of the main reasons Tesla believes this is a more efficient model for them is the level of connectivity inside its vehicles, resulting in the ability to remotely diagnose a lot of issues.

Some of them are even fixed remotely through a software update, but the remote diagnostic capability is also useful to pinpoint problems that need a physical fix before the vehicles come into the service center.

This is always something that Tesla’s service team has been able to do remotely on all its vehicles, but a Tesla fan looking at the source code of the latest Tesla app software update was able to find that the automaker has also been working on a “self-diagnostics” feature:

Based on the information found in the app update, a Tesla owner having an issue with their car could now be prompt to run self-diagnostics, depending on the category of issue reported for a service appointment.

In this example, the system found a problem with a Bluetooth endpoint in the Tesla vehicle:

This is not a blanket self-diagnostic available to owners on all of Tesla’s systems inside vehicles, but it does provide a little more information to owners when they are having specific issues with their vehicles.

What do you think of this new feature? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Author: Fred Lambert
Source: Electrek

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