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Tesla explains new Autopilot nag forced by the NHTSA recall

Tesla has started to push the software update that includes the “fix” of the NHTSA Autopilot recall, and it includes the release notes detailing the new Autopilot nag.

Earlier this week, Tesla and NHTSA announced a new “safety recall” of all Tesla vehicles equipped with Autopilot in North America.

The recall marks the conclusion of the NHTSA’s years-long investigation into crashes of Tesla vehicles on Autopilot into stopped emergency vehicles on the highway.

The “fix” to the “recall” is again an over-the-air software update.

Based on the defect notice released through NHTSA earlier this week, it sounded like Tesla simply planned to add more warnings and alerts when drivers are using the Autopilot features.

Now, Tesla has started to push the updates, and Not A Tesla App, which tracks Tesla software updates, has obtained the release notes:

In accordance with a recent recall (campaign #23V-838 for US and #2023-657 for Canada), Tesla is making the following improvements to Autosteer:

– Improved visibility of driver monitoring warning alerts on the touchscreen by increasing the text size and moving the notifications to a more prominent position (Model 3 and Model Y only).

– Added option to activate Autopilot features with a single stalk depression, instead of two, to help simplify activation and disengagement.

– Increased the strictness of driver attentiveness requirements when using Autosteer and approaching traffic lights and stops signs off-highway.

– Introduced a Suspension Policy that will restrict Autosteer usage for one week if improper usage is detected. Improper usage is when you, or another driver of your vehicle, receive five “Forced Autopilot Disengagements.”

You are the driver. As the driver, you must be vigilant to the road, keep your hands on the wheel, and be ready to intervene to maintain safety.

The update is starting to be pushed to owners in North America right now, but it may take a while before it populates the whole fleet.

Electrek’s Take

Top comment by Dave Murray

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One thing I like is that the early warning will be larger text and moved up where one can see it if eyes are on the road. As most of you know it was near the bottom of the screen dark and very small text.

The second warning (purple) is nearly not visible in dark mode. It should be a contesting color in that mode.

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It all seems fairly reasonable. The only one that I have some concerns about is this one:

Increased the strictness of driver attentiveness requirements when using Autosteer and approaching traffic lights and stops signs off-highway.

This could mean a higher frequency of alerts, which could be annoying. If it is based on the cabin camera and paying attention to the road, it’s not too bad, but if it’s based on steering wheel torque, I’m not a fan.

The rest is fine by me. The week-long suspension might seem harsh, but if you are getting five Forced Autopilot Disengagements, you are doing something wrong. I think I have received one in years of using Autopilot.

What do you think? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Author: Fred Lambert
Source: Electrek

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