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Porsche is retiring the gas-powered Macan early in Europe as EV model takes the spotlight

Porsche is retiring its bestselling SUV in Europe earlier than expected. The gas-powered Porsche Macan will sail off into the sunset in the EU next spring. Porsche is set to launch the all-electric Macan next year as it shifts its lineup.

The Macan is Porsche’s bestselling SUV globally, with over 68,300 units sold through September, topping the popular Cayenne (64,457).

In Europe, Porsche sold 19,799 Macans through October, compared to 16,485 Cayenne models, according to research from Dataforce.

Although the gas-powered Macan was expected to be sold alongside the electric version, due out next year in Europe, Porsche is taking it off the market earlier than expected.

According to the German newspaper Automobilwoche, Porsche is retiring the Macan in the EU in the spring due to new cybersecurity rules. A spokesperson told Stuttgarter Zeitung the model will no longer be eligible for approval starting in July.

Sales will end in spring 2024 so that vehicles can be registered by the deadline. Starting July 1, new cars must include updated cybersecurity rules. The regulations include increasing cybersecurity software from development.

The spokesperson said that since Porsche developed the Macan before the new requirements, updating the SUV now would cost too much.

Dr. Michael Steiner in front of two camouflaged prototypes of the all-electric Macan (Source: Porsche)

Porsche Macan retiring in Europe with EV model coming

Porsche will continue building the gas-powered Macan in Germany for markets outside Europe. Sales are expected for at least another two years as the electric version begins rolling out.

The news comes after Porsche finally revealed the electric Macan this week. Based on the PPE platform, the Macan EV features up to 500 km (310 miles) of WLTP range.

Porsche Macan EV winter testing (Source: Porsche)

Porsche is promising the Macan EV will be the “sportiest in its segment,” with over 600 horsepower and off-road capabilities. It will also include a charging capacity of up to 270 kW, enabling you to charge from 10% to 80% in under 22 minutes.

The Macan EV will be Porsche’s second all-electric model, following the Taycan. It was expected out in 2022, but software delays have pushed it back until next year.


It’s one of three confirmed new Porsche EVs. After the launch of the Macan, an electric 718 Boxster is expected to arrive in 2025. We got a sneak peek of what the electric roadster looks like in a new testing video recently.

Following that, Porsche will launch the highly anticipated electric Cayenne. The electric SUV is expected to debut in 2026.

Electrek’s Take

Porsche retiring the Macan in Europe comes as the market is transitioning to electric anyway. As the spokesperson explained, it wouldn’t make sense for Porsche to redevelop a gas-powered vehicle right now.

With the electric version expected to hit the market next year, Porsche looks to fill the void in its EU lineup. Now, Porsche needs to do the same in global markets.

Source: Automotive News, Automobilwoche

Author: Peter Johnson
Source: Electrek

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