Samsung sending Note 10 ads to older Galaxy phones w/ Bixby and notifications

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 seems like it’s going to be a great device for most users and many are excited to upgrade. However, annoyingly, Samsung has been sending out ads for the Galaxy Note 10 to older devices through different types of notifications.

First highlighted by , many Samsung owners are seeing ads for the Galaxy Note 10 in their notifications. The somewhat spammy ads are being delivered sometimes on top of one another, leaving the notification shade with multiple ads for the upcoming device.

Apparently, these ads are being sent out by Samsung Pay, the Samsung Push Service, and also through everyone’s favorite digital assistant, Bixby. The Bixby notification specifically forms a Note 10 ad by telling you to ask Bixby about the Note 10. Samsung Pay, alternatively, offers points for visiting the Note 10’s product page. One user, as seen below, got three of those notifications at once.

Worse yet, the Bixby ads, in particular, can’t be easily disabled. The notifications themselves can’t be turned off from the notification shade, only allowing them to be turned off from the Bixby app itself.

From the looks of it, the only way to stop these notifications from coming in is to turn them off pre-emptively through the Bixby and Samsung Pay settings. One can only hope that Samsung will stop doing this for users who already bought an expensive smartphone from the company, but since this isn’t the first time, it’s unlikely it will stop anytime soon.


What the heck is this trash?

And why cant you turn them off except by going into the Bixby settings? This is why no one wants this Bixby garbage on their phone.

— 14,23,b,i,g (@1423big) August 9, 2019

Got this on my Note9. Not sure if it’s because my Note9 thinks it’s a Note10 or if it’s an ad.

— Max Weinbach (@mweinbachXDA) August 9, 2019

Check this out. Did you know the Note 10 is at AT&T? Verizon? T-Mobile?

— Jeff Springer (@jspring86az) August 10, 2019

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Source: 9TO5Google

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