Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra torn down by JerryRigEveything

We’ve already seen a couple of other teardowns of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, but there’s one more that shows us a bit of what the first two haven’t. JerryRigEverything has posted his teardown of the scratched, burned, and bent Galaxy flagship and in a new video he takes it apart to show how Samsung makes the S Pen compartment waterproof.

After separating the rear panel from the frame by cutting through adhesive, he notes that the glass panel and its camera cutouts are all permanently affixed together. If one of the glass camera lenses were to break, it would require a complete replacement of the back panel to fix.

After removing the wireless charging coil and the plate covers from the upper and lower boards, he shows some of the speaker assembly and the USB-C port gasket that aids in water resistance.

After showing the massive quad-camera assembly and showing what’s behind the mainboard, he notes that Samsung is using excessive adhesive to keep the battery in place. He needs to drop isopropyl alcohol into the battery compartment to loosen the battery. Other OEMs don’t use this much glue, and even Apple has pull-tabs that make the battery replacement procedure easier.

Then there’s the S Pen silo, which is more like a channel. It’s covered with a thick plastic plate that’s glued shut to keep water out of the phone’s internals while allowing it to enter the silo. At the top of the channel there’s a coil that recharges the S Pen’s capacitor.

After reassembly, the phone doesn’t immediately come on, but it’s then noticed that the display cable was slightly chopped with a blade while separating the glue from the back panel. Even experienced folks can damage a device when disassembling it.

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Author: Ricky
Source: GSMArena

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