OnePlus TV teased in 55-inch QLED option, panel likely made by Samsung

The hype for the upcoming OnePlus TV is building and looks set to continue as the company tweeted an official teaser image from the OnePlus India account highlighting the usage of a 55-inch QLED panel.

After previous filings hinted at an Android-based TV model of anywhere between 43- and 75-inches, we’re sure that these could be just some of the sizes available from OnePlus.

Given that the TVs will use QLED panels, it more or less confirms that the OnePlus will be using a Samsung-made panel. QLED is, in fact, Samsung’s own marketing jargon for its own internally developed quantum-dot LED display tech. Unfortunately, it’s nothing like the impressive OLED display tech, as QLED panels still require LED backlighting.

If you didn’t realize, on an OLED screen, each individual pixel can power itself on or off. That does mean that OnePlus TV QLED panels will rely heavily on the quality of the backlighting.

QLED displays don’t suffer from display burn-in and have way better contrast and color range than similar LED or LCD displays. They even offer a wider color gamut, have increased brightness and also support HDR for an even greater viewing experience.

It also appears that OnePlus will make their first smart-TV available on Amazon India, as you are able to sign up for updates from the online retailer. The site is advertising the OnePlus TV as ‘coming soon’ alongside all of its smartphone lines.

As we have already seen, we expect the OnePlus TV and its QLED panel to run Android TV, which makes it all the more enticing for a Western market. It’s unclear at this stage how it may differ from other Android TV sets out there but we can’t wait to find out.

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Source: 9TO5Google

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