Google Weather outage broke app & widget, made Assistant think it’s 0 degrees outside [U: Fixed]

This morning, an outage affected Google Weather across Android, Google Assistant, and more, that made it unable to show your local forecast.

On Android devices, the Google Search app comes bundled with a Weather applet that hosts the delightful “weather frog” — adorably, his real name is Froggy — and lets you see the forecast for today, tomorrow, and the next 10 days. Some of this same info is also available through a Google Weather widget, which has even been updated for Material You.

Update 9:05am: The Google Weather outage seems to have now been resolved. The Google Assistant is able to accurately answer questions about the weather, and Android’s weather widget is working as expected.

This morning, we’ve seen on multiple devices that the Google Weather widget is non-functional, instead showing an error message that reads “Can’t show weather.” Normally, tapping the widget causes it to reload the latest information, but this particular error seems to have stuck.

Persistent tapping of the widget will open up the full Google Weather applet, where you’ll see an error page complete with a graphic of Froggy shrugging. The error message reads “Unable to show weather info for this location.”

What’s especially interesting about this Google Weather outage is that while the applet and widget are unable to show details of your current location, it’s still fully able to inform you of other locations. Interestingly, Google Weather’s search bar was functional and able to pull up the forecast for other locations, but that has also broken in the last few minutes. At the moment, the only forecasts you can view are for “saved locations” that aren’t the city you’re currently within.

Some other avenues of Google Weather also seem to be affected by this outage. Performing a Google search related to weather via mobile web would, on any other day, show a delightful forecast graphic with Froggy. Today, this same page shows a simple forecast sourced from

Similarly, asking a Google Assistant speaker or display about the weather returns the hilarious response of “It’s 0 degrees in [your city] right now” — a cruel joke in the midst of a sweltering summer. Meanwhile, At A Glance on Pixel phones is still able to show a temperature, but anecdotally it seems like the information is a few hours out of date.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this Google Weather outage and will keep you updated on the safe return of Froggy.

Author: Kyle Bradshaw
Source: 9TO5Google

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