Google Weather app is now available on Android tablets

For quite some time, the Google Weather app could only be found on Android phones, but it’s now coming to tablets.

Before this, Android tablet users only had access to the basic weather information available in Google Search results. It was a simple card with a slider to adjust the time of day, while the date switcher was below that. That’s still the UI in the Google app on iPad. (You’d have a better experience using the desktop web.)

The new experience starts with rich results that notably feature Google’s Weather Frog, while the hourly temperature is graphed out. There’s notably a link to “Hourly, humidity, wind and more” that opens the full app, which is technically part of and updated by the Google app.

This opens the Google Weather experience found on phones, complete with the fact that there’s only a portrait UI, even when in landscape orientation. (That really shouldn’t be the biggest challenge as Froggy already has landscape artwork on the Nest Hub.)

There are no real changes besides Weather taking up the entire screen, which works naturally given how info-dense the app already is. There continues to just be three tabs with users able to swipe up on Today and Tomorrow to see more details.

The first time you open Google Weather on a tablet, you’ll be prompted to place an icon on your homescreen. That shortcut can be created again at any time from the top-right corner avatar menu.

We’re not quite sure when it rolled out, but the availability is fairly recent. As of today, several tablets we checked running Google app have it.

Meanwhile, Google Weather’s Android 12 Material You widgets remain exclusive to Pixel phones.

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Author: Abner Li
Source: 9TO5Google

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