Google Photos: How to check an image’s data

Google Photos is all about keeping memories organized and right within reach at any time. In Google Photos, every image has a slew of data captured along with the picture itself. That includes the date, time, and even location. This guide will take you through how to access that image data for every picture in Google Photos.

There are plenty of reasons you might want to check a photo’s location or date and time. One huge reason is to recount travel or find a spot in a photo again with ease.

Google captures your location with every image you take, as long as you have that setting turned on. Over time, with enough photos and location data, you can start to see your very own photo map in Google Photos. Google Photos will also sort your pictures into places so you can look at all of your photos from one area at a time.

Besides that, individual photo data is a useful tool to know how to access. Fortunately, it’s extremely simple to access.

Checking an image’s data in Google Photos

When looking at an image’s data, you’ll find several key pieces of information, if available. First, as mentioned, is location, time, and date. Secondly, you’ll also find information on the people and pets in the photo. Accessing this data and editing it is a great thing to know how to do, considering it helps keep track of all the photos with particular people or pets in it.

Lastly, you’ll also find some photo image metadata. This is information like the phone or camera used to take the photo and what camera settings were used.

Here’s how to find an image’s data in Google Photos:

  1. On your device head over to the Google Photos app.
  2. Choose any photo and tap it from the Photos section.
  3. Swipe up once the photo is open.
  1. On your computer, head to
  2. Once there and logged in, find an image and click it.
  3. Find the info button in the top-right and click it.

Once there, you can look through all of the information listed above. If you have location settings turned on, you can see the place where the image was taken. If you tap the map on mobile, you’ll see all other images taken in the same area as well. Clicking the map on the web will open Google Maps with the coordinates of the image.

Above that is People & Pets, which shows the people or animals in the photo. Similar to location, you can tap a subject and see other images tied to them. You can add or remove subjects by tapping or clicking the pencil icon to the right. You can edit the time and date, as well. On Android, tap the pencil icon to the right of the time and date. If on iOS, scroll to the bottom and tap Edit date & time.

being able to check an image’s data in Google Photos is a pretty useful feature. If you’re like myself, making sure every detail is correct in a photo is key. On top of that, being able to see where I’ve been and where I should go back to is a neat feature that gets used quite often.

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Author: Andrew Romero
Source: 9TO5Google

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