Fantasian Neo Dimension announced for winter Switch release

Fantasian: Neo Dimension on Nintendo Switch

One of the games revealed at today’s Nintendo Direct event was Fantasian: Neo Dimension, a revamped version of Mistwalker’s mobile RPG Fantasian. In a new partnership with Square Enix, the developer is bringing the game to Switch sometime this coming winter. Fantasian originally launched on Apple Arcade in 2021.

The game follows hero Leo as he and attempts to find the source of a mysterious illness plaguing the mechanical world and more details about his identity. It features turn-based combat, where players of the mobile version could swipe their screens to adjust the trajectory of attacks.

Fantasian’s main claim to fame is its artwork: Each environment is a real diorama created by an artist, digitized for the game. It boasts an impressive development team, including producer Hironobu Sakaguchi (creator of the Final Fantasy series) and composer Nobuo Uematsu. It’s not exactly clear how Neo Dimension changes the game, apart from the addition of voice overs and a new difficulty option.

The game has several features that set it apart from other fantasy RPGs, most notably the Dimengeon system. This system allows players to skip repeat encounters by placing the enemies in a pocket dimension to fight later, though they can only do this with so many enemies before the Dimengeon fills up.

Author: Rachel Kaser
Source: Venturebeat
Reviewed By: Editorial Team

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