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Electrogenic introduces ‘drop-in’ EV conversion kit to electrify classic 1960s Jaguar E-Type

EV conversion specialist Electrogenic has launched its latest classic car to be reborn as an all-electric model. Customers around the globe can now get a 1960s Type 1 to 3 Jaguar E-Type EV – in either a Roadster or Coupé design – or buy Electrogenic’s drop-in kit and have an authorized installer do the conversion for them.

Electrogenic is a UK-based EV conversion specialist that prides itself on putting 100% into its work. The result is classic vehicles that remain 100% classic-looking, are 100% electric, and operate in modern ways using technology the company develops 100% in-house.

We’ve previously seen the company convert several classics from its homeland into EVs, including Land Rover Defenders and Series I to Series IIIs. We’ve also followed the company as it expanded its presence across the pond to the US, implementing a trusted partner network of certified installers that can perform classic conversions to EVs using the company’s proprietary drop-in kits.

Most recently, Electrogenic has used its kit to convert a 1960s Jaguar E-Type into a brilliant EV, combining a unique look of the past with the modern, zero-emissions technology of the future.

  • Jaguar E Type EV
  • Jaguar E Type EV
  • Jaguar E Type EV

Jaguar E-Type becomes Electrogenic’s latest EV offering

The company revealed its first Jaguar E-Type EV conversion this morning, a 1962 Series 1 Roadster finished with opalescent silver blue paint. This particular conversion was equipped with Electrogenic’s E43 package consisting of 43 kWh of brand-new, OEM-grade batteries that deliver 150+ miles of range. Here are some other specs:

  • 160 bhp (120 kW)
  • 460 lb/ft (620 Nm) torque (at the crank)
  • 0-60 mph acceleration in under 6 seconds
  • Neatly packaged single-speed, fixed ratio transmission
  • Full charge in about 50 minutes (CCS)

For those customers interested in more range, Electrogenic says the Jaguar E-Type EV conversion kits include E48 and E63 options, delivering battery capacities of 48 kWh and 63 kWh and 160 to 200+ miles of range, respectively. Electrogenic cofounder Steve Drummond spoke:

We’re delighted to reveal the first customer E-Type fitted with our game-changing drop-in conversion kit. Thanks to our cutting-edge, proprietary EV technology, the E-Type – for many the most beautiful car of all – is now just as good to drive as it is to look at. Our drop-in kit range preserves this true British design icon for the future, ensuring it can be admired – and enjoyed – by generations to come.

Electrogenic says it now offers full bespoke EV conversions of the Jaguar E-Type, as well as an option to purchase the aforementioned drop-in kit that can be installed by any certified technician. The electric motor bolts into the space vacated by the gearbox, and the batteries sit down in the bay where the engine block sat and at the rear of the car where the fuel tank and spare wheel were. Longer-range packages like the E63 store additional batteries behind the rear seats.

The kits fit directly into the vehicle’s existing architecture, meaning they are also entirely reversible (but why would you want to do that?) We’ve seen other conversion specialists offer EV versions of the Jaguar E-Type, but Electrogenic sets itself apart by also offering a conversion kit option.

Inside the vehicle, Electrogenic kept the classic dash but repurposed its dials for the modern EV age (see image above). For example, the original fuel gauge now shows the charging state, the oil temperature gauge displays charger temperature, the engine temperature is now motor temperature, and the RPM gauge still shows the RPM of the motor but with a scale factor of half. Drummond spoke to the potential of the drop-in conversion kits for the Jaguar and beyond.

Having seen extraordinary international demand since we launched our drop-in kit range at the end of last year, it’s immensely satisfying to now be delivering kit converted classics – like this stunning E-Type – to new owners all over the world, ready to be enjoyed for decades to come. 

We can’t wait to continue delivering clean, reliable classic motoring to enthusiasts around the globe at scale, working in close partnership with our ever-growing network of installer partners. 

These kit deliveries truly mark the dawn of a new chapter for the company, taking the business to a whole new level. It’s certainly an exciting time to be at Electrogenic, and this is just the start. Watch this space for more announcements in the coming weeks and months.

Author: Scooter Doll
Source: Electrek

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