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E-bike company apologizes, recalls electric bike model after lawsuit

Earlier this month we covered the infringement lawsuit brought against Himiway by JackRabbit after the former released a very similarly styled micro electric bike. Now that e-bike, known as the Himiway Pony, is being recalled and Himiway is issuing an apology.

The , which is technically better classified as a seated electric scooter due to its lack of pedals, has been a popular product in the micro e-bike category for several years.

I’ve tested one myself on multiple occasions and found it to be a fun and convenient little electric two-wheeler, even for international travel thanks to its small size and easy packability.

You can see the bike being tested in my own review video below.

The incredibly short wheel base, distinctive frame and handlebar design, and the folding pegs sandwiched between 20″ wheels have become a hallmark of the JackRabbit.

With a lightweight setup at just 25 lb. (11.5 kg) yet capable of 20 mph (32 km/h) speeds, it has been praised for its combination of bicycle-like ride comfort and scooter-like portability. In fact, seems to have developed something of a cult-following with its riderbase, something rarely seen outside of lifestyle e-bikes like those from SUPER73.

And so you can imagine the dismay on the JackRabbit team’s faces when they awoke to see what looked like a nearly identical copy of the JackRabbit unveiled as part of rival e-bike company Himiway’s 2023 product line announcement two months ago.

JackRabbit’s tiny electric micro-bike

That copycat bike, known as the Himiway Pony, quickly spawned a lawsuit for infringement, and now Himiway is responding.

In its official statement, Himiway acknowledges the similarity between its Pony electric micro-bike and the JackRabbit, as well as acknowledges that its model infringes upon the JackRabbit:

We want to take a moment to apologize for the inconvenience caused by our Pony Model. We’ll take full responsibility for it.

Our product team was inspired by children’s balance bikes and aimed to create a low-cost, affordable option for our customers. In so, we relied on available parts and components from our suppliers to design the Pony Model, which we believed would be different from anything else on the market.

However, we discovered that our design, while structurally different, shares some similarities with existing products in the market, which infringed on their design. Despite the design, costs, and experience, we have failed to recognize the similarities and have unintentionally violated some design rights.

Himiway Pony vs JackRabbit
A side-by-side comparison of the JackRabbit (left) and the Himiway Pony (right)

The Himiway team then goes on to announce that it will be recalling its Pony bikes:

We are aware of our mistakes and want to make them right. Therefore, we are recalling all the Models. Furthermore, we want to assure you our team values integrity and transparency, and we recognize that our customer’s trust is of the utmost importance.

Lastly, Himiway released a few forward-looking statements about its commitment to preventing a repeat occurence of this event:

We recognize that we still have to learn and grow as a company, and we will continue to provide low-cost options for our customers. We understand that it may take us longer to launch new products. Still, we will prioritize transparency and integrity development process to ensure that we deliver only the best quality products.

In conclusion, we realize that we are not perfect, and we continue to learn from our mistakes. We apologize sincerely for any inconvenience caused. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further concerns.

Himiway produces a wide range of electric bike models, though this was its first attempt at a small-format and lightweight e-bike. If the company decides to try again, it sounds like they’ll be a lot more careful next time.

Author: Micah Toll
Source: Electrek

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