Bitwise Analysis: AI and Crypto Fusion Poised to Elevate Global Economy by $20 Trillion

AI and Crypto: The Future of the Global Economy

Bitwise’s Senior Crypto Research Analyst, Juan Leon, predicts a transformative impact on the global economy as artificial intelligence (AI) and cryptocurrency converge, potentially adding $20 trillion to the global Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by 2030.

AI and Crypto — The Trillion-Dollar Synergy

Leon’s bold forecast was emphasized at the recent Consensus conference in Austin, which drew attention to the burgeoning synergy between these two sectors. According to Bitwise’s latest insights, the collaboration between bitcoin (BTC) miners and AI companies is becoming increasingly pivotal.

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For instance, following a strategic move by AI cloud provider Coreweave, which proposed a $1.6 billion acquisition of bitcoin miner Core Scientific, the stage is set for strong collaborations. Leon highlights how such partnerships not only capitalize on shared technological resources but also drive mutual growth—demonstrated by Core Scientific’s substantial $3.5 billion deal to host AI services over the next 12 years.

Leon further explores the long-term potential for crypto and AI integration to enhance information validation and operational efficiencies. Leveraging blockchain’s inherent properties of security and transparency, startups like Attestiv are pioneering ways to ensure digital media’s authenticity, which could significantly mitigate AI-generated misinformation.

Bitwise projects these developments to fundamentally reshape interactions within the digital sphere, promoting a new era of enhanced trust and efficiency. “Developments like these lead me to believe that the integration of AI and crypto will play to the advantage of both sectors, reshaping how we innovate and interact with the world,” the Bitwise researcher concludes.

Source: Bitcoin

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