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Galaxy S23 series

The Galaxy S23 series is a physically gorgeous lineup of phones. Both the S23 and S23+ take on a rounded and modern design, while the S23 Ultra is big and boxy – just how we like it. Before pre-orders ship out, we suggest taking a look at some of the best cases you can get right now.

The Galaxy S23 series doesn’t stray far from the Galaxy lineup of yesteryear, though it adds a few different improvements where it counts. One major change is the addition of a 200MP camera on the S23 Ultra, making photography – whether day or night – an ultimate strong suit. On top of that, all three devices run a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, which was specifically designed for Galaxy devices.

Superficially, the glass back of the S23 and S23+ look nice, though you might want to stick a case on them. Below are some of our favorite brands and cases you can buy right now before the S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra ship to customers.

SUPCASE is big on drop protection, which might not come as a shocker. Following that, the company’s cases are rugged and well-made, making them some of the best cases to grab if you value your Galaxy S23 and lack of scratches and cracks. For a limited time you can get 15% off with code 15OFF9TO5 on Amazon (limit one case per customer).

This year, SUPCASE is offering the Unicorn Beetle lineup for the S23 series, which can be broken into three designs: the , , and the . Each has its own strong suit, with the original UB case coming in as a lite version with the familiar kickstand. This lite version has no front cover and comes as one unit, giving a good amount of protection without sacrificing a thinner profile.

The UB Pro case is made for drop protection and comes in as a rugged, full-body case with a back and a front frame that snap together. The case allows for easy access to the S Pen on the S23 Ultra and the buttons found on the S23 series. The UB Pro also has a kickstand that can offer three different viewing angles, as well as double as a ring holder.

The last option from SUPCASE is the Unicorn Beetle Edge XT (UB Edge XT). The Edge XT is a slim, full-body case with a clear back and a built-in screen protector. Only available for the S23 Ultra, the Edge XT compliments the boxy finish and doesn’t add too much bulk to the phone.

Use code 15OFF9TO5 with the links below for 15% off (limit one case per customer).

  • UB Pro – $29
    • , , and
  • UB Edge XT – $26
  • Unicorn Beetle – $24


Casetify always does a great job of designing new cases. The Galaxy S23 series cases are no exception, with the Impact Case being an all-around good option. The case is simple, with a gummy yet hard plastic exterior, which provides a good amount of support. The tactile response from buttons is good and each cutout, including the S pen, is done well.

What makes Casetify a good case option is the sheer variety of designs you can select from. If you go with a , you can get a blank design. That option is super clean and just looks great. Of course, you can also opt for any of the hundreds of unique designs Casetify offers. Our favorite lineup is , which showcases some well-loved characters on each case. The company is also in honor of the third season.

Casetify’s case lineup starts at around $68 per case, with customization options bringing the price up a bit and the Ultra Impact lineup being a little more. While that isn’t exactly cheap, Casetify cases do last a good while and have stood the test of time in our experience.

  • Casetify Impact Case – $68 – $72
    • Galaxy , , and
  • Ultra Impact Case – $78
    • Galaxy and


If you’re looking for a phone that will never fall out of your hand, well, because it just can’t, the brand Grip Case is probably your best bet. Each side is etched in microscopic rivets, which cover the entire case. Toward the bottom of each side lies several diagonal lugs, adding even more friction in your palm. This approach completely omits the greasy or slippery feeling that becomes present over time on most cases.

With that, the buttons are super clicky, and the Grip Case comes in all of dbrand’s vast array of designs. Once you get tired of that look, just order a new back cover and you’re all set.

  • dbrand Grip Case – $39.90 – $69.85
    • , +, and


With the Galaxy S23 series, OtterBox does a fantastic job of bringing along cases for those who want reliable protection.

Starting with the Defender Pro, the Galaxy S23 would likely never take a scratch or be in any danger – ever. The Defender Pro is the quintessential OtterBox case. It comes with a holster clip and is made of two layers of material – an outer soft shell and an inner hard shell. While the Defender Pro is coated in an antimicrobial finish, the Defender is not. Other than that, they’re one and the same.

The Commuter is slightly thinner and reversed, with an outer hard shell and an inner soft layer. The Commuter is slightly thinner yet offers a ton of protection as well. In my opinion, the Commuter is a fantastic middle ground between the Defender and Symmetry, which is a simple hard case.

Lastly, the Strada combines productivity with protection and features a folio design with a cardholder. While all of these cases have extreme protection ratings, they’re surprisingly thin for what they are. Good job, OtterBox!

  • Defender Pro
    • , , and
  • Commuter
    • , , and
  • Symmetry
    • , , and
  • Strada
    • , and
Galaxy S23 case thinborne


CaseBorne is known for its rugged and intensely strong cases, however, the ThinBorne case for the S23 series is quite the opposite. Made from thin aramid fiber, these cases are super thin and snap on instantly. If you looked fast enough, the ThinBorne case would look like a skin rather than a case, which makes it one of the better cases for the Galaxy S23.

  • ThinBorne Aramid Fiber case – $40/$45
    • Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra


  • Organicore Clear – $46
    • Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra
  • Grip – $45
    • Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra
  • Duo – $35
    • Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra

Incipio review: Incipio’s Pixel 7 cases are certified by Google, and they fit like it

Galaxy S23 best cases mous


Mous is expanding it’s Limitless 5.0 lineup with several new colors. Now, the lineup includes Acetate, Bamboo, Fabric, and more. With Clarity 2.0, you’ll be able to add MagSafe-like accessories for even more functionality.

  • Limitless 5.0 – $60
    • Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra
  • Clarity 2.0 – $65
    • Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra
  • Evolution – $65
    • Galaxy S23 Ultra
Galaxy S23 best cases


Ringke is quickly becoming one of our favorite brands, and deservedly so. This year, Ringke is offering several fantastic-looking cases for the Galaxy S23. First off, the Fusion Card case is perfect for those who want a simplistic clear case with a slot for a card of your choosing. If you’re looking for something a little more rugged, the Fusion-X case is probably a better option. Alternatively, Ringke’s Onyx case is classic and just looks downright fantastic.

  • Ringke Fusion Card – $18
    • Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra
  • Ringke Fusion-X – $16
    • Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra
  • Ringke Onyx – $16
    • Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra

This post was sponsored by SUPCASE.

Author: Andrew Romero
Source: 9TO5Google

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