Android Q Easter Egg shows up on latest Essential Phone beta w/ Picross puzzle

Android Q is quickly approaching its final release with the final beta version dropping earlier this week. For Pixels, that beta still didn’t include a new Easter egg, but it’s a different story on the Essential Phone. That Android Q beta release holds a new easter egg.

Pointed out on the official Android Beta subreddit (via ), this beta build for the Essential Phone has the new Easter Egg live. On Pixel devices, the Android Q Beta 6 Easter egg is the same one found in Android Pie with a large “P” with moving colored circles. Android Q’s Easter Egg, on the other hand, simply shows “Android 10.”

The word “Android” is shown is what appears to be a slightly different font. In a minor change from the current logo, it looks like this version uses the Google Sans font that the company has been slowly bringing to its other apps and services for a while. Google has yet to publicly use a logo like this, so it’s unclear if this is an official change.

Beyond that, this Easter egg allows users to rotate the different components of “Android 10” by moving them and rotating them on-screen. If you move the “1” and “0” to form the “Q” logo, you’re then dropped into a Picross puzzle which shows system icons when solved. In Pie, tapping rapidly on the “P” would drop users into a sketch pad.

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Source: 9TO5Google

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