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ZEEKR teases its first sedan model, the 007, ahead of pre-orders this month

Less than a week after we shared details of a visit with ZEEKR in New York, detailing how quickly the Chinese automaker is expanding, it is now teasing its fourth electric model – the 007. The ZEEKR 007 will be the company’s first sedan and as a result, the first designed for the mass EV market. Have a look below.

Last week, I personally got an invite to New York to meet some of the growing ZEEKR team, take its EVs out on the track in Monticello, and learn a bit about the Geely-owned automaker’s plans for the future.

One thing that wasn’t mentioned was any plans for a new model announcement, yet here we are. Since being founded in 2021, ZEEKR has delivered its flagship model – a shooting brake called the 001, as well as a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) called the 009.

The past year, we’ve seen ZEEKR roll out its first SUV called the X, as well as a speedy quad-motor variant of the shooting brake called the 001 FR. While those cars have done well to date alongside their expansion to new markets around the globe, their styles remain relatively niche.

Today, ZEEKR appears to be targeting more mass market consumers, giving the public a peek at the 007 EV – its first sedan.

  • ZEEKR 007
  • ZEEKR 007
  • ZEEKR 007

ZEEKR 007 sedan looks pretty streamlined

We will spare you the James Bond references, although ZEEKR’s teasing the 007 does give off some spy movie energy, especially the image above of the incoming sedan completely submerged underwater (we wouldn’t bank on this one being aquatic though, probably just for dramatic effect).

The post featured the images above as well as the following message:

#ZEEKR007 is here – add some mystery to your life.

By only sharing dark silhouetted images of the 007, ZEEKR is certainly adding some mystery to our lives, as we truthfully don’t know much else at this point. According to the company’s Weibo page, pre-sales will begin on November 17, which is day one of the Guangzhou Auto Show in China.

We are certain to learn more about the ZEEKR 007 then, if not earlier. Check back soon.

Author: Scooter Doll
Source: Electrek

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