YouTube Music for Android bug keeps your screen on [U: Fixed]

A recent bug with the YouTube Music app on Android keeps your display on, regardless of the set screen timeout interval.

Update 9/22: Google has fixed this issue a week later with YouTube Music 5.25.51. It’s rolling out now via the Play Store.

Update 9/15: Version 5.24.50 of YouTube Music is rolling out this afternoon and still contains the bug that keeps your screen on when the Android app is open and audio is playing.

Original 9/13: We’re encountering this issue with version 5.23.50 of the app that rolled out late last week. You can be in any part of the app from the Now Playing UI to YouTube Music’s Home feed, and the screen will remain on even if you don’t interact further with the device.

This issue exists on Pixel phones running Android 13 and Samsung devices running 12L that we checked. In one test, the display remained active for around 15 minutes while music was playing. There appear to be zero problems when nothing is streaming, while the bug impacts YouTube Premium subscribers.

In practice, this is annoying for those that set a song and leave their device (to charge) only to come back and find the display still on and their device warm. That said, most people manually turn off the screen before sliding the phone back into their pocket or quickly swipe home after making a song selection.

Google will hopefully release a YouTube Music update in short order to address this unintended behavior.

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Author: Abner Li
Source: 9TO5Google

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