You can pick up a Chromecast for $20 before Google TV takes over

Right now, you can pick up a 3rd-generation Chromecast for just $20 before Google replaces it with the upcoming Google TV powered Chromecast HD.

Since 2013, Google has made a name for itself in the streaming space by offering the uniquely affordable Chromecast series. The Chromecast was able to maintain a sub $40 price point by including the minimum hardware needed to stream the web-based Cast apps of numerous subscriptions and services. Until the Chromecast with Google TV was introduced in 2020, the series didn’t even include a remote, relying on your smartphone or tablet to control your media.

For months now, Google has been rumored to be launching a stripped-back, 1080p version of the Chromecast with Google TV, complete with a remote. Based on recent leaks, the Chromecast HD with Google TV is currently presumed to stay in the same $30 ballpark and possibly launch in the coming weeks.

With a new product on the horizon, it’s no surprise to see that retailers are now trying to clear out their inventory of the 3rd-generation Chromecast. At the moment, Amazon, Best Buy, and Target are all currently taking a full 33% off the retail price, selling the Chromecast for $20. In the case of Target, as we spotted in a retail store, this deal is only set to run through September 17.

If you’re in the market for a new streamer, there’s certainly an argument to be made for waiting for the Chromecast HD with Google TV, as the experience of installing apps and navigating with a remote will likely be more familiar to the average person than “casting” from a phone. On the flip side, though, that app experience comes at the cost of needing to manage a device’s storage space and install updates.

Where Android TV- and Google TV-based devices have the convenience of a dedicated remote, the classic Chromecast dongles have a strong advantage in that they update seamlessly, don’t have storage space to manage, and overall “just work.” From that perspective, this is probably one of your last chances to get a classic Chromecast for cheap before Google TV takes over as Google’s de facto experience for the living room.

Author: Kyle Bradshaw
Source: 9TO5Google

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