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XPeng’s latest new model will reportedly dump LiDAR in favor of pure vision, similar to Tesla

Following reports dating back to February, XPeng Motors appears to be genuinely beginning a transition from LiDAR sensors to pure vision cameras in advanced driver systems. The ADAS technology, similar to that of Tesla, is expected to roll out in a new XPeng BEV model later this year.

When discussing ADAS and autonomous driving, two separate technologies lead the conversation in plausibility – LiDAR and pure vision. While most OEMs exploring self-driving technology utilize the latter sensors, automakers like Tesla have already explored it and chosen instead to utilize cameras.

XPeng Motors has successfully integrated LiDAR into its models, supporting its XNGP self-driving technology – some of the most impressive in the current global market. However, reports were coming out as early as February 2024 that XPeng was exploring alternatives to LiDAR sensors, particularly pure vision cameras.

This past May, XPeng debuted a new AI-powered operating system that can deliver what it described as the “industry’s first mass-produced 2K pure visual neural network large model in vehicles.” At the time, XPeng founder, chairman, and CEO He Xiaopeng said the new system enables autonomous driving with capabilities comparable to LiDAR but uses pure vision to create a granular 3D naked-eye experience.

Last month, Xiaopeng visited the US to test out Tesla’s FSD for himself and recorded his experience, sharing how impressed he was at the progress it has made in a short period of time. As Wilde said, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” and recent reports out of China confirm that XPeng is in fact moving on from LiDAR to some extent, in favor of pure vision in an upcoming model.

An XPeng model seen without LiDAR in February 2024 / Source: @xzshuoche / Weibo

XPeng to launch new “F57” model in Q4 without LiDAR

According to a report from CnEVPost, a source familiar with the matter states that XPeng is developing a new BEV model, codenamed “F57,” which will operate using pure vision cameras instead of LiDAR.

According to another source, He Xiaopeng’s previously mentioned visit to the US was strategically intended to preface XPeng’s launch of its own Tesla-like pure vision system. XPeng is on the cusp of officially launching its latest model under its new MONA lineup, the M03, but it appears that it will not be the BEV to make the switch to pure vision.

“F57” remains in development but is expected to launch in the fourth quarter of 2024. We will monitor these developments and report back as we learn more about XPeng’s first pure vision-enabled BEV.

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Source: Electrek

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