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X Shore set to release new electric boat, but did the teaser images already blow it?

X Shore, one of Sweden’s (and frankly, the world’s) leading electric boat makers, has been teasing a new product launch for the past week.

The first signals came from a social media post that declared “Dropping anchor in a new segment. A true game-changer for maritime masters at work. Announced on 09.14.2023.”

The only clue other than that the reveal would be coming out later this week was that it could focus around some type of work or commercial product. As far as teasers go, the statement was fairly ambiguous.

But the company followed up with a new teaser including the image below. With it, the company added the caption, “Silent, electric, and powerful. The ultimate companion at work, designed with sustainability in mind.”

The words center around the company’s forte of building silent, powerful electric boats and the message reinforces the idea that this could be a work-focused watercraft.

But checking out the image below shows what appears to be the stern of a cabin workboat, a popular watercraft in Scandinavian countries like Sweden as well as many areas of the world.

X Shore CEO Jenny Keisu playfully added to the intrigue, “Oops! Did we show too much this time? Our big little secret is slightly bigger this time for sure…”

Followers added their own guesses, ranging from an X Shore cabin workboat to a moon lander, though the former seems a bit more likely.

X Shore heavily teased the company’s second boat, the X Shore 1, and the teaser photos initially revealed much of the boat’s design. This time it seems the company has played it a little bit closer to the vest, though revealing the glass cabin doors seems like a pretty big hint.

Both the flagship X Shore Eelex 8000 and the more recently released X Shore 1 are luxury/pleasure craft, and so the addition of a work boat would certainly qualify as a new market segment for X Shore.

It’s also a common move we’ve seen, even among the company’s own countrymen. Candela, another leading Swedish electric boat maker, also started with speedboats before expanding its electric boat technology into commercial vessels like ferries and taxi boats.

With only three days left until the reveal, we’ll certainly be finding out the big X Shore secret soon.

Until then, I’ll leave you with a video of my last electric boat experience in Sweden.

Author: Micah Toll
Source: Electrek

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