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The phrase “What is an NFT?” has been the most searched for crypto-related term with 39,459 average monthly queries, an analysis of nearly 300 questions has shown. With a search rate of 26,283, the queries for the phrase “What is the blockchain” were 1,681% more than the average search volume for the analyzed questions.

U.S. Residents Most Curious About NFTs

An analysis of frequently searched cryptocurrency terms and phrases by U.S. residents has shown that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are the “most queried topic in the country.” With the volume of queries totaling 39,459, the search term “What is an NFT?” turned out to be 2,575% more than the average volume” for the nearly 300 questions analyzed by Marketplace Fairness. The only Google crypto-related searches and queries to surpass those of NFTs were for “What is cryptocurrency?” which averaged 39,466.

In the meantime, the analysis suggested that U.S. residents searched for the phrase “What does NFT stand for?” an average of 13,516 times per month. This figure, according to the analysis, was 816% more than the average.

Searches for Blockchain

The analysis shows that after NFTs, Americans were interested in the phrase “What is the blockchain?” With a search rate of 26,283, the queries for this phrase were 1,681% more than the average search volume for the analyzed questions. In contrast, the average number of searches for the phrase “What is the blockchain technology?” stood at 5,285 while those for the term “How does the blockchain work?” averaged 1,419.

With an average search rate of 4,683 times each month, queries for the phrase “How does cryptocurrency work?” are 217% higher than the average, the analysis suggested. The monthly average Google queries on “What is cryptocurrency mining?” stood at 6,725 while those for the phrase “How to mine cryptocurrency?” averaged 1,866.

According to Marketplace Fairness’ analysis, average monthly searches for the term “decentralized finance” stood at 2,850, a figure 93% above the average.

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