Weekly poll: Oppo Find N2 and N2 Flip enter the foldable ring, are you on their side?

N2 and N2 Flip

Oppo introduced its first flip foldable last week, the Find N2 Flip. While we don’t have the details yet, we know that in the near future this model will be available globally (or at least in the markets that Oppo covers), unlike the original Find N.

And, sadly, unlike the new Oppo Find N2 as well – it looks like this one will be China-only just like its predecessor. Still, Oppo engineers have achieved massive improvements, so it is worth a look too, even if it is just window shopping for most.

Let’s start with the Oppo Find N2 Flip. This clamshell foldable will be going up against Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip4 and Motorola’s Razr 2022. The Galaxy is normally €1,100, though you can find it as low as €800, the Razr is €1,100-1,200. As for the Oppo, its starting price in China is CNY 6,000, which works out to €810, but that is without the various local taxes that will be applied before it reaches a store near you.

Weekly poll: Oppo Find N2 and Find N2 Flip

Comparing the three phones, they have roughly the same dimensions, except that the Motorola is very wide (79.8mm). They also have roughly the same internal display (the Samsung is on the small side) that use 120Hz OLED panels with FHD+ resolution. So far, so similar.

The Find N2 Flip stands out with its larger cover display, 3.26” in diagonal, although with the various aspect ratios it is probably best to compare them by surface area: 28.4cm² for the Oppo, 22.3cm² for the Motorola and a mere 9.4cm² for the Samsung. Here is a schematic that shows their relative sizes:

Blue – Find N2, green – Razr 2022, red – Galaxy Z Flip4
Blue – Find N2, green – Razr 2022, red – Galaxy Z Flip4

The Find N2 Flip also has the largest battery of the three, at 4,300mAh it has almost the same capacity as the much larger Galaxy Z Fold4. Battery capacity is one of the biggest problems plaguing foldables right now, so kudos to Oppo.

For whatever reason Oppo decided to go with the Dimensity 9000+ to power the phone. It’s a fine chip, though for what is effectively a 2023 launch we can’t help but ask “why not the 9200?”. The 9000+ holds its own against the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 inside the Samsung and Motorola flips, but the 8 Gen 2 is already here and so is the Dimensity 9200.

The camera is the other not quite impressive feature on the N2 Flip, not that the other two are stellar camera phones (at least they have OIS, though). Horizontal foldables have much better cameras than their clamshell counterparts, that has been the way for a few years now.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4
Motorola Razr 2022

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 • Motorola Razr 2022

Note that there is also the Huawei Pocket S, but that has a mid-range Snapdragon 778G (a 4G only version). It also lacks access to the Google Play Store, which limits its appeal outside of China. It launched at the same price as the N2 Flip, so we’ll skip it.

The Oppo Find N2 Flip arrives a bit late in the game, so many of you may already have bought another flip – does the Oppo make you wish you would have waited? Or if you didn’t like the flips so far, has the Find N2 Flip changed your mind? Vote below or using this page.

Next we will look at the Oppo Find N2. Oppo managed to shave 42g off the weight, the N2 now weighs less than an iPhone 14 Pro Max (233g vs. 240g). That was achieved with some impressive work on redesigning the hinge, which also supposedly does a better job at hiding the crease. Is it actually better? We’re working on a full review so stay tuned for details.

The N2 is also thinner than its predecessor, 7.4mm unfolded and 14.6mm folded vs. 8.0/15.6mm. And the cover display has been much improved with a 120Hz panel (up from 60Hz). Despite a slight change to its aspect ratio, this is probably the most comfortable horizontal foldable to use single-handed (especially after it lost so much weight). Folded it measures 132.2mm tall and 72.6mm wide. The iPhone 14 Pro Max is 160.7mm and 77.6mm, for example. And once you open the Oppo, you get a nearly 50% larger screen (by surface area) than the iPhone.

Oppo Fin N2 (left) and Oppo Find N2 (right)
Oppo Fin N2 (left) and Oppo Find N2 (right)
Oppo Fin N2 (left) and Oppo Find N2 (right)

Oppo Fin N2 (left) and Oppo Find N2 (right)

Compared to the original Find N, Oppo equipped the Find N2 telephoto camera with a higher resolution sensor (32MP vs. 13MP), the same goes for the ultra wide (48MP vs. 16MP). And it sped up charging for the 4,520mAh batter, doubling it from 33W to 67W (it did remove wireless charging, perhaps to slim down the phone).

Leaving the original Find N aside, the N2 will have to go up against the larger Galaxy Z Fold4. This one has a 13% larger internal screen and weighs 30g more. It is quite narrow when closed, 67.1mm, though that was achieved by compromising the cover display aspect ratio (23.1:9). Despite the extra weight, the Galaxy has a battery that is 120mAh smaller (it does have wireless charging).

There is also the vivo X Fold+. We don’t know whether it will be available outside of China, but it’s not like the Find N2 will be widely available either. The vivo has an even larger internal display (+27%) and measures 74.5mm when closed with its 6.53” 21:9 cover display. This is the only one with a periscope camera (8MP 125mm), plus a second tele cam (12MP, 47mm). At 311g, this one is quite hefty.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4
vivo X Fold+

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 • vivo X Fold+

The Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 also brings a massive 8.02” internal display and a 6.56” 21:9 cover display (73.9mm wide), but weighs “only” 262g, as much as the Z Fold4. Like the Oppo and hte vivo the internal display uses an LTPO panel for a variable refresh rate.

The Honor Magic Vs is also large (7.9” internal display) and weighs 261g. It’s fairly tall, 27mm taller than the Oppo, but at 72.6mm it is the same width. And while it’s not a periscope, the 3x telephoto lens is longer than the Oppo one, though the 8MP sensor limits digital zoom. Despite its fairly reasonably weight, the Magic Vs has the largest battery of the bunch at 5,000mAh.

Xiaomi Mix Fold 2
Honor Magic Vs

Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 • Honor Magic Vs

All four of those use Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, by the way. There is also the Huawei Mate Xs 2, though with a 4G-only Snapdragon 888 it might find it tough to compete, even within China where the Google Play Store doesn’t matter.

Again, Oppo has made no mention of a global release of the Find N2 and we’re not holding our breaths. But imagine that you could buy the Find N2 – would you? Vote below or using this page.

Author: Peter
Source: GSMArena

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