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VinFast (VFS) launches VF 7 SUV priced around $35,000 – When will we see it in the US?

VinFast VF 7 EV

Vietnamese automaker VinFast has officially launched its VF 7 EV in its native country, rounding out a lineup of six initial SUVs covering the A to E vehicle segments. While the initial launch begins in Vietnam, the VF 7 should eventually make its way to the US, and it’s starting at a rather enticing price point.

VinFast ($VFS) is an EV automaker we’ve been closely following since its US debut at the LA Auto Show over two years ago. That doesn’t sound like a huge passage of time, but the automotive arm of the Vietnamese conglomerate Vingroup is moving quicker than most, if not all, of its competitors. Such speeds do come with their fair share of stumbles, however.

In that time, we’ve seen VinFast launch the VF e34, VF 5, VF 8, and VF 9 SUVs – which were soon followed by a new $20,000 electric minicar called the VF 3 designed specifically for the Vietnamese market. That said, VinFast has reportedly been mulling bringing that model to the US alongside the VF 8 and VF 9, which are already for sale.

Two additional models in the pipeline overseas that are expected to reach global EV markets are the VF 6 and VF 7. The B segment VF 6 SUV launched in Vietnam in early October and is now being joined by the VF 7, completing VinFast’s first wave of all-electric SUVs.

While US consumers may have to wait to learn more about the potential savings the VinFast VF 7 SUV could provide, we have learned a lot more about this EV following its Vietnamese launch today.

VinFast 7
Credit: VinFast

VinFast VF 7 launches in Vietnam, deliveries imminent

VinFast officially launched its new VF 7 C segment SUV Vietnam today, and it will come available in two trims: “Base” and “Plus” – the latter of which features an “asymmetric aerospace” language by Torino Design. Here’s how the specs break down:

VinFast VF 7 Base Plus
Powertrain Single motor Dual motor
Battery Capacity 59.6 kWh 75.3 kWh
Power 174 hp (130 kW) 349 hp (260 kW)
Torque 250 Nm 500 Nm
Range (Targeted) 375 km WLTP (233 miles) 431 km WLTP (268 miles)
Price (without battery) VND 850 million (~$35,000) VND 999 million (~$41,000)
Price (with battery) VND 999 million (~$41,000) VND 1.199 billion ($~49,000)

VinFast states both the Plus and Base trims of the VF 7 come with the VF Connect package, featuring a virtual assistant that can communicate with different Vietnamese dialects, plus auto e-call, intrusion alert, and time-fencing.

As you can see in the pricing above, VinFast is offering a battery leasing model with the launch of the VF 7, including a monthly fee on top of the MSRP. Per the release:

In the Vietnamese market, VinFast is offering a battery leasing package at a monthly cost of VND 2.9 million (~$120) for a maximum travel distance of up to 3,000 km per month. For travel ranges exceeding 3,000 km, the monthly fee will be VND 4.8 million (~$198). A deposit of VND 41 million (~$1,695) will be required for the battery lease. Upon contract termination, battery returns to VinFast, or transferring the vehicle and battery to another owner, this deposit will be refunded to customers.

While VinFast has shared intentions to bring both the VF 6 and VF 7 SUVs to the US, there is no clear timeline on when that will happen, although it should be sometime in 2024. For now, VinFast says it will begin accepting VF 7 reservations in Vietnam on December 2, 2023, followed by deliveries in early 2024.

Author: Scooter Doll
Source: Electrek

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