Trump Campaign Crypto Aide Announces Presidential Roundtable on Domestic Bitcoin Mining

David Bailey, CEO of Bitcoin Magazine and Trump campaign cryptocurrency aide, has announced that Former President Donald Trump will participate in a Presidential Roundtable on domestic bitcoin mining as part of its new cryptocurrency-friendly policy. He revealed that big miners from the U.S. would be present at the event without disclosing the list of assistants.

Trump Reportedly to Participate in Presidential Roundtable on Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin is becoming an active part of the U.S. campaign of all candidates in the presidential dispute. David Bailey, CEO of Bitcoin Magazine and cryptocurrency aide of the Trump campaign, recently announced that Trump would participate in a future bitcoin mining event, which he called a “Presidential Roundtable on domestic bitcoin mining.”

Bailey referred to the upcoming event as “history in the making” and explained that it would feature titans of the mining industry meeting with the “next president of the United States.” Nonetheless, Bailey failed to disclose which companies or individual miners are interested in being part of this future encounter.

However, in a subsequent post on X, Bailey specified that recognized industry actors would take part in this meeting. He declared:

Mining industry has stepped up in a big way- they’re going to make a great first impression.

Trump manifested a change of heart on crypto and crypto regulation during a non-fungible token (NFT) gala in May, where he revealed his campaign would accept cryptocurrency donations. Also, he attacked President Joe Biden’s crypto awareness, stressing that he didn’t know what it was.

Then Trump doubled down on his pro-crypto stance, stating that he would stop the actions of the Biden administration to “crush crypto,” vowing to create the future of crypto in the US, instead of driving crypto companies overseas. According to Bailey, Trump even inquired about the possibility of using bitcoin to solve the “$35 trillion U.S. national debt problem.”

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