Todoist’s Google Assistant integration going Android-only next month

Back in June, Google announced that third-party Assistant voice apps and Nest Hub games would be going away in 2023. Third-party developers, like Todoist, are starting to shut down their broader integration and go Android-only.

Actions on Google/Conversational Actions were announced in 2016 as the first way for third-party developers to integrate with Assistant. Usage of voice apps remained low, according to Google, and shutting down next year in favor of focusing on Android.

One of the first casualties of that is the Todoist Google Assistant integration for non-Android devices. The to-do app explains how “Google is sunsetting the platform that makes our Todoist for Google Assistant integration possible and so we will be officially shutting down the integration on January 31, 2023.”

The company explicitly says “it’s not possible to use Todoist with Google Assistant on smart home devices, iOS devices, or Wear OS devices.” This previous integration was invoked by “Talk to Todoist” and commands like:

  • Ask Todoist what’s due today
  • Ask Todoist to list the tasks in my Inbox project
  • Ask Todoist to add task Get Birthday gift
  • Ask Todoist to complete task Get Birthday gift

Going forward, Todoist for Google Assistant will only be available on Android mobile devices.

Google itself wants developers to add voice control capabilities to their existing Android apps. Todoist says its “app on your Android mobile device is automatically integrated with your Google Assistant.” This supports:

  • Saying “Add unpacking to my list on Todoist” adds a task called Unpacking to your Inbox.
  • Saying “Add milk to my grocery list on Todoist” adds a task called Milk to your Grocery project.
  • Saying “Add wash car today to my chores list on Todoist” adds a task called Wash car due Today to your Chores project.

More on Google Assistant:

Author: Abner Li
Source: 9TO5Google

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