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These cheap two-seater electric go-karts come direct from China

Many of the fun and strange electric vehicles that we cover in this running Awesomely Weird Alibaba Electric Vehicle of the Week column serve more utilitarian purposes, but this week’s find is all about the fun. And since these electric go-karts come with two seats, you’ll be able to share the fun!

Just don’t expect to share the fun with your wife, girlfriend or significant other. At least, not unless they don’t mind the indignation of being given a toddler’s dummy steering wheel to hold on to.

This go-kart appears to be designed for an adult/child duo, giving the parent a chance to go wild with the front lawn donuts while pint-sized co-pilots can hang onto the fake steering wheel and exercise their neck muscles.

The two seats seem like the same size though, so you could probably fit a second adult rider next to you as long as neither of you are too broad in the shoulders.

electric go-kart

The little electric go-kart actually looks quite well designed, believe it or not. It comes with three speeds, the highest of which blasts riders up to 35 km/h (21.7 mph).

And with off-road tires, that speed probably feels even faster when zooming across the grass or dirt.

There’s no front suspension, but dual rear shocks will at least give the dual rear ends sitting in the bucket seats a nice reprieve.

The go-kart comes with hydraulic brakes as well, though they appear to only be in the rear. I guess that makes it easier to powerslide around turns.

The included 48V 20Ah lead acid battery claims a range of up to 40 km (25 miles), but I’m guessing it would barely make it half that far with the way I’d drive it. Once that battery depletes though, you’re just one extension cord and several hours away from another 50 laps on the quarter mile track!

And when you consider the built-in Bluetooth speaker, headlights, electric scooter horn, front bumper, LCD display and other nice pieces of kit, this is shaping up into quite the little backyard runabout. It even comes with seatbelts! And that’s more than I can say for the last electric car I received from China.

And at a price of just US $640, it seems like quite a deal. Or at least, that’s until you read the fine print. Because unless you want to open a fun-park on your land, this might not be the go-kart for you. The minimum order quantity is listed at 100, which is more go-karts than I would know what to do with.

But hey, if anyone out there only needs 99 of them and has a little bit of extra space in the few shipping containers it’d take to get them all stateside, I’ll chip in for the last one!

Author: Micah Toll
Source: Electrek

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