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The new 900hp Lotus Eletre SUV is insanely fast, but can it beat a Tesla Model X Plaid? [Video]

Lotus Eletre SUV

Lotus has officially unveiled its all-electric hyper SUV, the Lotus Eletre, deemed the most advanced vehicle the brand has ever made. With up to 905hp and a 0 to 60 mph in under three seconds, is it enough to beat the Tesla Model X Plaid?

The Lotus Eletre is expected to play a key role in the automaker’s transition to a fully electric lineup. Lotus has pledged to release only all-electric production cars starting this year.

Lotus’s transformation began with the Envija electric hypercar – what the brand calls “the world’s most powerful production car” – in 2019 with 2000hp. However, getting your hands on one will cost you over $2 million.

With plans to expand into broader markets under parent company Geely, Lotus announced it would release four new EVs, including two SUVs, another major first for the brand.

Its first is an E-segment electric SUV model. The UK-based performance carmaker finally released the details behind its first SUV, the fully electric Eletre, last March after several months of teases.

Lotus says the new Eletre hyper SUV is part of a new breed of electric SUVs featuring the iconic Lotus sports car DNA evolved for a new generation of customers.

Powered by twin electric motors generating up to 905hp, the Lotus Eletre can keep up with the best with 0 to 60 mph capabilities in under three seconds, but is it enough to beat a Tesla Model X Plaid?

Can the Lotus Eletre keep up with the Tesla Model X Plaid?

To put the new Lotus hyper SUV to the test, Carwow tested the supped-up Eletre R with 905hp in its .

Lotus Eletre SUV 0 to 60 mph test run (Source: Carwow)

Mat Watson from Carwow says the new electric SUV is, in a way, similar to the original Porsche Cayenne. The Eletre is designed to take Lotus in a new direction, as the Cayenne did with Porsche throughout the 2000s.

As you can see, the Eletre is decked out with features like air scoops and active “breathing” vents that open and close to cool the battery. Lotus designed the vehicle to be as efficient as possible.

Lotus will sell two versions of the electric SUV, both loaded with twin e-motors and a 112 kWh battery. The entry-level model produces 603hp, while the upgraded “R” model can crank out up to 905hp. Prices start at $85,000, while the range-topping R trim will cost around $113,000.

Watson tested the hyper SUV’s performance on a quarter-mile run. The first run came in at 3.06 seconds. However, when he relaunched it, the Eletre achieved 0 to 60 mph in 2.99 seconds.

Although the Lotus Eletre is incredibly fast, it’s still not as fast as the Tesla Model X Plaid, which remains the world’s fastest SUV with 0 to 60 capabilities in 2.3 seconds (you can see the video here).

Lotus plans to launch three additional EVs in the next three years, including a four-door sports sedan this year, a second SUV in 2025, and a lightweight next-gen electric sportscar in 2026.

Author: Peter Johnson
Source: Electrek

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