The first laser TV with Google TV now exists, and it’s Leica’s Cine 1

Lecia is a massive name in the camera community, offering high-end lenses and sensors that are highly sought after. With that experience, the company is dipping into a market that’s growing at a blistering pace with the Leica Cine 1 laser TV.

Laser TVs are becoming more and more commonplace as of late, as they offer a bigger screen size without often having to sacrifice quality for that size. With that, a UST projector’s ability to throw an image up from an extremely acute angle is a huge deal, closing that gap for those who don’t have the ability to set up a dedicated projector space at the back of the room.

Leica’s first laser TV unveiled at CES 2023 – the Cine 1 – makes use of a triple laser setup that’s charged with reproducing the whole color spectrum and shining it on your wall or ALR screen. With that, the Cine 1 has a life span of around 25,000 hours, which is becoming more common with higher-end UST projectors. Interestingly, the max screen size you can get with the Lecia Cine 1 laser TV is 120 inches, which is still massive, though seems small for maximum size. Since Leica is no stranger to lenses, the Cine 1 uses its “Summicron” ultrashort throw lens to deliver clear and crisp 4K content.

Leica Cine 1 laser TV

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Perhaps the best part about the Cine 1 laser TV from Leica is the built-in OS – Google TV. The Leica Cine 1 is the first UST projector to utilize Google’s newest Android TV-based OS. Google TV isn’t very common in TVs on the market and one of the only other ways to get it is to add a Chromecast with Google TV to your setup. By adding it natively, the Leica Cine 1 is already equipped with one of the best-operating softwares for finding and watching content that matches you, which is a killer feature.

As far as design goes, the Cine 1 is easily one of the best laser TVs on the market. With an aluminum frame and automatic dust cover, Leica’s first UST will be a gorgeous centerpiece in your home theater.

All of these features packed into the ultrashort throw laser TV make for what should be a fantastic home cinema option for both daytime and nighttime viewing with the right screen.

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Author: Andrew Romero
Source: 9TO5Google

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