The Backbone One PlayStation Edition controller finally arrives on Android

The popular Backbone One is an excellent accessory that brings a controller-like experience to your iPhone or Android device. It was so successful that the company collaborated with Sony last year to build a PlayStation Edition. This model replaces all of the face buttons with the traditional PlayStation controller layout, with a white finish to match. The PlayStation Edition has been exclusively available for iPhone, until today. Backbone and Sony have collaborated once again to bring the PlayStation Edition variant to Android devices.

As a refresher, the Backbone One PlayStation Edition is an accessory designed in collaboration with Sony that is the closest you’ll get to having a DualSense controller while on the go. Sony says that it will be detected as a DualSense controller within its own PS Remote Play app. That means you’ll be able to play your PS4 or PS5’s catalog of games with something that looks and feels similar to a standard DualSense controller, regardless of whether you have an iPhone or an Android device. Though, you don’t necessarily need this controller specifically to play your games through PS Remote Play. Other controllers will work similarly, just without the special controller detection.

Of course, you’re not exclusively tied to PS Remote Play. The Backbone One will be compatible with other game streaming apps including Xbox Game Pass, Nvidia GeForce Now and Microsoft Luna. The controller accessory will also work with any other games that support standard hardware controllers such as Call of Duty: Mobile. The Backbone One PlayStation Edition for Android will be available starting today for $99.

Author: Engadget
Source: Engadget

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