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Tesloid’s new Camping Tent is designed perfectly for your Model Y [Save 10%]

If you’re looking to take your next adventure with your Tesla, popular accessory maker Tesloid is out with a new designed specifically for the Model Y. features a practical and compact design tailored specifically to the dimensions of the Model Y. Head below for the Model Y and save 10% with promo code eltrk2022.

Tesla’s electric vehicles are one of the most practical options for camping nowadays thanks to their zero emissions footprint. You can use your Tesla to keep your camping experience climate controlled, charge via common RV hookups at camp sites, and even watch movies and TV via your car’s display.

To take your Tesla camping experience to the next level, however, you need a tent that is designed to precisely around the trunk hatch of your Model Y. That’s where Tesloid’s new Model Y Camping Tent enters the equation.

The fits over the rear hatch of your car. It. creates an enclosed camping experience that provides protection against the outdoor climate, including rain, the sun, bugs, and anything else you might encounter in the wilderness.

Custom tailored to fit the Model Y’s tail space, you can either set up a long-term post around the Model Y or you can back right into it after taking your Model Y out to explore. It’s made from a 190T polyester taffeta material with an oxford fabric, creating a waterproof design. There’s a steel wire frame that holds everything in place for a sturdy and durable tent.

While many tents are cumbersome and can take hours to assemble, the Tesloid Model Y Camping Tent features a design meant to spring open and take shape on its own. The full assembly process takes only 20 to 30 minutes. Once you’re done, it folds right back into a small carrying bag.

Once everything is set up, you’ll have an indoor living space with 7-foot ceilings, 50-square-feet of space, and 25 square feet of shaded porch. And of course, you can put the seats down and sleep right in the back of your Model Y – and Tesloid even sells

Other features include:

  • Two layers of windows: one layer is a netted screen and the second layer is a waterproof opaque layer. Both of the layers can be rolled to the top to fully open the windows.
  • Three sets of straps that can be mounted to the vehicle to ensure stability even on a windy day.
  • A roof cover that adds additional protection against rain.

The Tesloid Camping Tent is the perfect companion for outdoor adventuring in your Model Y. With a design matched perfectly to the dimensions of your Model Y, you can set up and tear down in minutes. It’s waterproof, windproof, and versatile for any outdoor environment.

You can order the Model Y Camping Tent from the . If you want a mattress for the back of your Model Y, you can opt for a bundle package that includes a mattress and the . Use promo code eltrk2022 to save 10%.

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