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Tesla’s next-gen Dojo AI training tile is in production

Tesla's next-gen Dojo AI training tile is in production

Tesla’s next-gen Dojo AI training tile is in production, according to supplier Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (TSMC).

Tesla has been heavily investing in AI training compute power both through buying NVIDIA hardware and building its own under its Dojo program.

The first generation of its Dojo super computing platform went into operation last summer.

Shortly after, it was reported that Tesla had expanded its partnership with TSMC, a large semiconductor company that manufactures the Dojo chip for the automaker.

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The D1 chip was okay, what’s really impressive is putting 25 of them in an area the size of a dinner plate (the training tile) and supplying 15 kilowatts of power to it.

It remains unclear whether a full system will perform better than an Nvidia-based supercomputer cluster, but Nvidia is charging so much for its chips that if Dojo is only 20% as powerful at 10% the cost it could be worth doing. It’s unclear whether Tesla has assembled a full working system.

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Now, TSMC has confirmed that Tesla’s next-generation Dojo chip has entered production and they are working on tech that could deliver much greater power to Dojo in 2027 (via IEEE Spectrum):

At TSMC’s North American Technology Symposium on Wednesday, the company detailed both its semiconductor technology and chip-packaging technology road maps. While the former is key to keeping the traditional part of Moore’s Law going, the latter could accelerate a trend toward processors made from more and more silicon, leading quickly to systems the size of a full silicon wafer. Such a system, Tesla’s next generation Dojo training tile is already in production, TSMC says. And in 2027 the foundry plans to offer technology for more complex wafer-scale systems than Tesla’s that could deliver 40 times as much computing power as today’s systems.

This new tile is likely going to be used for Tesla’s new planned $500 million Dojo cluster in New York.

Sperately, Tesla is building a new 100 MW data center to train its self-driving AI at Gigafactory Texas, but we were told that this system is going to use NVIDIA hardware.

Tesla’s Dojo program hasn’t been all smooth sailing. In December, we reported that two of the top executive engineers behind the program left the company.

Author: Fred Lambert
Source: Electrek

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