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Tesla releases ad-like videos showcasing charging at home and on the road

Tesla has released two new quick videos about charging electric vehicles, and they’re nicely packaged into 30-second clips like commercials.

Famously, Tesla doesn’t employ advertising, or at least traditional advertising.

However, the automaker has been really good at producing marketing and promotional material.

In the latest examples, Tesla has produced to new videos in an almost ad-like 30- to 40-second format about charging — something that could use more advertising to demystify different ways of “fueling” vehicles instead of gasoline and diesel.

Tesla Discover: Charging on the Road

Unsurprisingly, Tesla showcased its Supercharger network, which is primarilly used to enabled long-distance driving and road trips:

The Supercharger network is one of Tesla’s greatest assets as the only charging network controlled solely by a single automaker — giving Tesla more freedom to optimize it for its customer fleet.

It recently crossed 2,000 stations and over 18,000 Superchargers worldwide.

Tesla Discover: Charging at Home

The other video is about charging at home, which is arguably the greatest advantage of any electric vehicle.

It’s like waking up with a full tank of gas every day without having to go to the gas station.

Also, you have options. You can choose to only charge solely on a regular outlet, or install a 240-volt outlet and/or home charging station.

You can also choose where you get your power to charge your car to a degree.

It can come from the grid, or you can install solar panels on your house and charge your car with solar power.

Electrek’s Take

I really like these videos, and while I understand that Tesla doesn’t really need to advertise right now, I wish they would promote those videos more in the future.

I could see them as pre-roll ads on YouTube, and it would go a long way in demystifying charging because you’d be surprised how it’s still a mystery for the wider public. They’re educational.

Based on how Tesla started those videos with a quick rolling list of features, I bet we are going to be seeing more videos in this format from Tesla in the near future.

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Author: Fred Lambert
Source: Electrek

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