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Tesla Model S passes test as police car for Fremont, saves $4,000 in fuel cost

The Fremont Police department has released a report on its use of a Tesla Model S as a police patrol vehicle, and they said the electric car passed the test.

The electric car has saved them $4,000 in fuel cost in a year.

In 2018, Fremont’s police department bought a used 2014 Tesla Model S 85 for $61,478.50 (including taxes and fees) to replace a 2007 Dodge Charger that was being retired in their fleet.

Their goal was to turn it into a police patrol car to see if the electric car fits the needs of a patrol vehicle and cut gas costs.

It went through their regular police patrol testing and was put on the road last year.

After being on the road for more than a year now, the Fremont police department has released a full report on their experience with the Model S, which they deemed successful.

Here are some of the key findings from the report:

  • Proved sustainable with zero-emissions, eliminating 42,198 lbs. of CO2 from Fremont air annually
  • Annual costs of energy/fuel and maintenance/repair was reduced by $2,147 vs. a gas Ford police pursuit vehicle (PPV)
  • Reduced the annual cost of fuel that would have been required for a traditional gas-powered police vehicle by $4,097
  • Remained in service 27 more days than a conventional PPV, resulting in a significant reduction in repairs, maintenance, and downtime
  • The 265-mile range of the Tesla easily accommodated the 40-70 mile range that patrol vehicles drive on average per day

Here’s a comparison between the Tesla Model S and a Ford gas-powered police patrol vehicle:

Factors 2014 Tesla Model S 85 Gas Ford PPV
Vehicle Cost $61,478.50 $40,500
Standard Equipment Build Cost $35,000* $35,000
Modifications Above/Beyond Standard Equipment Build Cost $6,774.48* $0
OEM Range 265 miles (85kWh battery) 344 miles (18.6 tank cap)
Actual Annual Energy/Avg. Annual Fuel Cost $1,036
Cost of energy consumed
while charging
Calculated assuming $3.00 per gallon
Avg. Annual Repair/Maintenance Cost $4,865 $2,915
Actual Annual Costs of Energy/Avg. Fuel and Maintenance/Repair Costs $5,901 $8,048
Avg. Annual Maintenance Downtime 39.125 Days (10.72%) 66 days (17.98%)
Avg. Annual Operational
CO2 Emissions
0 lbs. 42,198 lbs.

*Some costs were donated as part of the Pilot Program.

Here’s the report in full:

Author: Fred Lambert
Source: Electrek

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