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Tesla is building new massive Supercharger, could become world’s largest

Tesla is building a new massive Supercharger station that will likely become the new biggest station on Tesla’s network worldwide.

With Tesla’s fleet growing at a fast pace, the automaker is trying to keep up its infrastructure, like service centers, mobile service fleet, and charging infrastructure.

The latter mainly consists of the Supercharger network, arguably one of Tesla’s greatest assets.

The growth of the network slowed down last year as Tesla ramped up production of Version 3 of the Supercharger.

Now, Tesla seems to have accelerated Supercharger deployment, and it has a massive new one under construction.

A Tesla owner going by @bryanMackSC on Twitter spotted a large new Supercharger station in Firebaugh, California:

According to forms submitted with Fresno County’s planning department, the charging station is going to have 56 Supercharger stalls (via MarcoRP on Tesla Motors Club):

Tesla has a few Supercharger stations with 50 stalls in China. But at 56 stalls, this new station would likely become Tesla’s new largest Supercharger station in the world.

The documents also suggest plans for a convenience store and a restaurant at the location.

Tesla previously planned to have a Supercharger with a drive-in 50s-inspired restaurant in Los Angeles, but the plans fell through.

However, it is not clear if the restaurant is part of Tesla’s own plans for the Supercharger or if the Supercharger is partly being built as part of another development project that includes the restaurant since the plans were submitted by another firm.

According to, the 2.61acres lot with a 9,000 sq-ft building last sold for $530,000 in 2018.

Tesla currently has 1,971 Supercharger Stations with 17,467 Superchargers — meaning that each station as on average 8.8 Superchargers.

At 56 Superchargers, this new station will be six times bigger than Tesla’s average Supercharger station.

Author: Fred Lambert
Source: Electrek

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