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Tesla delivers Model Y with Hardware 4.0 despite not announcing new features

Tesla has started producing Model Y vehicles with Hardware 4.0, a new suite of sensors and a new self-driving computer. The automaker has almost completely integrated the new hardware despite not announcing it.

Unlike other automakers who wait for a new model year to update a car, Tesla implements changes whenever they are ready.

It has its advantages and its disadvantages.

The biggest disadvantage is the lack of clarity.

Tesla is currently implementing a significant update throughout its entire lineup: Hardware 4.0.

Hardware 4.0 (HW4) is Tesla’s latest suite of Autopilot/self-driving sensors and a new FSD computer. The new hardware, which includes a new radar and new cameras all around the vehicle, has already been deployed in Model S and Model X.

Despite already being delivered in new cars, Tesla has yet to officially announce the hardware. CEO Elon Musk said it is coming, but Tesla is not getting into the details – presumably not to affect the sales of the models that don’t have it yet.

But now almost all Tesla models have it.

The new hardware was spotted on brand-new Model Y vehicles being prepared for deliveries:

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a great way to avoid having to discount selling old hardware to customers is to just hide the update from them. Another example of a consumer hostile action from tesla. Call a spade a spade, tesla is secretive of updates because it saves tesla money at the expense of consumer satisfaction in the long run. Average consumers may not notice the difference at sale, but at some point they are going to realize that their vehicle is limited in a way that they were not made aware of at sale and it may just prevent them from buying another tesla in the future.

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The code for the new hardware is also showing up on Model Y in Tesla’s new inventory vehicles.

It would mean that only the Model 3 doesn’t have the new hardware yet, but Tesla might be waiting for the new “Highland” version of the electric sedan, which is reportedly due next quarter, before integrating the new hardware.

Some buyers will want to wait to make sure they get the new hardware, but Tesla is insisting that it still believes it will deliver its promised full self-driving capability to vehicles equipped with Hardware 3.0.

Hardware 4.0 is expected to enable Tesla to improve its performance over time.

Author: Fred Lambert
Source: Electrek

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