Superhot and Hotline Miami are coming to the Nintendo Switch today

At Gamescom today, Nintendo revealed that another slate of indie games is coming to the Nintendo Switch. The biggest games are actually out today, including both Superhot, the time-bending shooter first released in 2016, and the classic Hotline Miami, which will be available as the Hotline Miami Collection, bundling the first two games in the series. Also coming to the Switch is former Xbox exclusive Ori and the Blind Forest, a gorgeous Metroid-style adventure that will launch on September 27th.

Outside of those big names, there’s a lot more on the way, including sci-fi rogue-like Risk of Rain 2 (summer 2019); 16-bit-style action-adventure Eastward (2020); Freedom Finger, a sci-fi shoot ‘em up where you play as a flying… finger (fall 2019); haunting fairy tale adventure Roki (winter 2019); Diablo-style action RPG Torchlight II (September 3rd); skateboarding game Skater XL (2019); Youropa, a platformer about defying gravity (winter 2020); Dungeon Defenders: Awakened, a remake of the tower-defense / RPG hybrid (February 2020); The Touryst, a voxel vacation adventure from German studio Shin’en (November 2019); Skellboy, a hack and slash game where you can swap out your bodyparts (December 3rd); a side-scrolling action game where you can ride giant dragons called Earth Night (2019); and more.

These kinds of huge indie news drops are becoming something of a tradition for Nintendo. Back at the Game Developers Conference, for instance, the company revealed Switch versions of games like Cuphead, Neo Cab, and Overland, along with the surprise indie-developed Zelda spinoff Cadence of Hyrule.

Source: Theverge

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