Some Siri commands for third-party apps will stop working with iOS 15

Apple today sent out an email to developers letting them know that a handful of Siri intents are no longer supported. If customers invoke these commands via Siri for a supporting app in iOS 15 or later, Siri will simply reply that the request cannot be handled.

Affected Siri domains include ride booking, configuration of vehicles via Siri over CarPlay, and third-party Photo Search. Many of these SiriKit intents were introduced when third-party Siri support was first added to the system back in iOS 10. Apple didn’t provide a reason for their abrupt removal.

Since the initial implementation of SiriKit, Apple has integrated Shortcuts workflows into iOS and these can be invoked via Siri using keywords. However, interactions with the native SiriKit intents was always more sophisticated and supported a much wider range of natural language as input.

The most likely explanation for why Apple is ending support for these intents is that adoption from developers was low, and customers simply didn’t use them very much. For instance, Uber was actually a launch partner for the now-removed Ride Booking intents and offered the feature for a couple of years, but the integration was removed in 2018.

Still, if you do happen to use an app that takes advantage of these Siri features, you will be out of luck on iOS 15.

The Siri commands that are no longer supported include all car configuration options for compatible CarPlay vehicles, QR visual support, all ride booking capabilities, bill paying, photo search, and select to-do list commands like appending to a note, deleting a task or creating a new task list.

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Author: Benjamin Mayo
Source: 9TO5Google

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