Some early Galaxy S23 buyers are having Wi-Fi woes

Wi-Fi woes

The Galaxy S23 series launched earlier this month and brings some killer hardware and performance, but a few early buyers are running into problems with Wi-Fi.

As highlighted by Android Central over the weekend, Samsung’s latest flagship phones seem to have some issues keeping a connection to wireless networks. The Galaxy S23 Ultra in particular seems to be affected here.

The issue appears to mainly come down to the phone saying it is “connected without internet,” despite the network operating normally.

Wi-Fi 6 networks may be the primary culprit, with 802.11ax and/or WPA3 causing issues for some. Users on Reddit report that Samsung support representatives say that the company is aware of the issue and working to fix it, but the recent February 2023 security patch, the first update for S23 devices, doesn’t seem to do the trick. Luckily, the problem doesn’t seem to be occurring on Wi-Fi 5 networks, which is the bulk of what most folks will be using. I’ve had a Galaxy S23 Ultra on a Wi-Fi 6E network (Nest WiFi Pro) for the past few weeks, and I’ve not run into any issues even though the phone is connecting via Wi-Fi 6.

The March security patch, due out in the next week or so, could deliver a fix, but Samsung hasn’t confirmed as much at this point.

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Author: Ben Schoon
Source: 9TO5Google

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