SANDMARC launches a line of polarized ND filters designed for iPhone

If you’re a photographer at all, then you’ve likely heard of ND (neutral density) and polarizing filters. While you can get them individually for iPhone from companies like Moment or SANDMARC, the latter just introduced a premium line of polarized ND filters specifically for Apple’s smartphone. Polarizing filters remove unwanted glares and reflections, while ND filters allow you to have more control over exposure and lighting. This hybrid polarized ND filter for iPhone from SANDMARC is perfect for the traveling iPhoneographer who wants to capture the best pictures possible.

If you’ve ever used an ND or polarizing filter on your DSLR, then you know how much they can step up your photography game. While we went over what each part does quickly above, let’s break it down even further.

If you’ve ever seen a picture of water or windows with zero reflections, then tried to recreate that yourself, you probably didn’t get quite the shot you were going for. That’s likely because the photographer was using a polarizing filter. A polarizing filter lets you remove things like glare and reflections without changing your position, giving you better photos of things like water, buildings, or even getting deeper blues from the sky (since the sky is just one big reflection.)

ND filters are really designed for filmmaking more than photography, but it works well for both use cases. The best way to think of an ND filter is as a pair of sunglasses for your camera’s lens. Have you ever tried to take a picture that was just way too blown out, but your phone couldn’t make it any dimmer? That’s where an ND filter comes in. Depending on what strength ND filter you use, you can get varying degrees of darkness, allowing your camera to utilize things like a lower f/stop for greater depth of field.

While far from the first company to do so, this is one of the first quality polarized ND filters to market for the iPhone designed for general consumers. SANDMARC’s filters are made from a multi-coated and anti-reflective glass that gives “accurate color transmission”.

sandmarc polarized nd filter iphone

You can order the polarized ND filters from SANDMARC’s website for $129.99 shipped. In the package, you’ll get the phone clip mount along with the polarized ND16, ND32, and ND64 filters. These filters are also compatible with SANDMARC’s wide, anamorphic, and telephoto lenses.

This is great for iPhoneographers, whether you take pictures or video. It would pair great with SANDMARC’s Film Rig, and is a must for shooting video while on-the-go. Our phones have incredible cameras, so this just takes things up to the next level while recording videos or taking photos with your iPhone. If you’re planning any fall trips and want to capture the best pictures possible, then SANDMARC’s new polarized ND filters are a must.

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