Samsung July 2022 update is now rolling out for these Galaxy devices

In recent years, Samsung has become well known for updating their wide lineup of Android devices — from budget phones to luxury foldables — to the latest security update in a timely manner. Here’s every phone and tablet that Samsung has updated with the July 2022 security patch.

Samsung July 2022 security update – what’s new

Most security updates come with a few dozen security fixes, both for Android in general and some specific to Samsung phones. The July update is no different, bringing patches for the July 1, 2022 and June 5, 2022 Android Security Bulletins, with 3 “Critical” fixes and 20 “High” severity ones.

Beyond the general Android security fixes, Samsung’s July update patches 41 issues that were specific to Galaxy devices, including 7 of “High” severity and 20 of “Moderate” severity. One such security flaw made it possible to bypass the password protection of AppLock.

Devices with Samsung July 2022 security update

While Samsung normally debuts their latest security update before the new month has begun, this newest patch didn’t see release until July 1. Because of that, things may seem a bit slower this month, but we’ll steadily keep the list updated over the coming weeks.

This list will include a note on where the update first debuted and if it is also available in the United States. As usual, the latest additions will be marked in bold.

samsung galaxy s22 plus

Given the popularity and level of customer investment in the Galaxy S series, it’s no surprise that Samsung often prioritizes the flagship series when it comes time to release a new security update. Each month, Galaxy S phones dating back years will get the latest security improvements pretty quickly, though there’s extra work involved given the Exynos and Snapdragon variants.

As one may expect, the first Galaxy S phones to get the this month’s update were the newest ones, the Galaxy S22 series, on July 4. The Galaxy S21 series was shortly behind, getting updated that same day.

Conveniently continuing in release order, Samsung updated the Galaxy S20 FE, including the 5G variant, on July 7. This pattern continued, with the original Galaxy S20 (and its S20+ and Ultra variants) getting the latest patch on July 11. The Galaxy S10 Lite, which originally arrived around the same time as the S20 series, got patched on July 13.

  • Galaxy S22 / S22+ / S22 Ultra — S90xBXXU2AVF5 (Released first in Europe & Asia)
    • US: Available for locked and unlocked models
  • Galaxy S21 / S21+ / S21 Ultra — G99xBXXS5CVFB (Released first in Germany)
  • Galaxy S20 FE — G780GXXS3CVF3 (Released first in Malaysia)
  • Galaxy S20 FE 5G — G781BXXS4FVF3 (Released first in Europe)
  • Galaxy S10 Lite — G770FXXS6GVG1 (Released first in Spain)

“Flagship” has come to carry a certain meaning in the Android phone market, implying a device with high-end specs and a premium build to match. Arguably, though, Samsung’s true “flagships” in the past few years have been the Galaxy Z series of foldables. Between the Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip, Samsung has been at the vanguard of foldable Android phones. To that end, Samsung often updates the Galaxy Z series just as quickly as Galaxy S phones.

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 was the first foldable to pick up this month’s update, starting on July 6. It’s bigger brother, the Galaxy Z Fold 3, was updated shortly thereafter, on July 7. Stepping back one generation, the Galaxy Z Flip 5G saw the same update on July 11. Continuing roughly in sequence, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G got patched on July 18.

  • Galaxy Z Fold 3 — F926U1UES1DVEG (Released first in the US)
    • US: Available on unlocked models
  • Galaxy Z Flip 3 — F711U1TBS2DVEG (Released first in the US)
    • US: Available on unlocked models
  • Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G — F916USQS2HVF3
  • Galaxy Z Flip 5G — F707BXXU6GVF7 (Released first in Australia)

For many years, Samsung was one of the key creators of stylus equipped Android smartphones thanks to the Galaxy Note series. While the Galaxy Note series may have ended after the Note 20 — with the Galaxy S22 Ultra managing to be significantly more successful — those who haven’t swapped phones should still be seeing fairly regular updates.

The Galaxy Note 20 5G was the first device in the series to get the July security update. The standard Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra debuted their update in the US a few days later. The Note 10 series, still actively being updated, picked up the patch in South America on July 9. This was followed quickly by its mid-range counterpart, the Note 10 Lite, on July 12.

  • Galaxy Note 20 / Note 20 Ultra — N98xU1UES2FVED (Released first in the US)
    • US: Available on carrier-locked devices
  • Galaxy Note 20 5G — N981BXXS4FVG1 (Released first in Portugal)
  • Galaxy Note 10 / 10+ / 10+ 5G — N97xFXXS8HVG1 (Released first in Argentina)
    • US: Available on locked and unlocked devices
  • Galaxy Note 10 Lite — N770FXXS8GVF4 (Released first in France)

Over the years, beyond its work on smartphones, Samsung has grown to be one of the more prolific Android tablet makers. That said, tablets don’t yet get the same level of consistent monthly updates that smartphones do. Even Samsung’s most recently released tablets, the Galaxy Tab S8 series, are only slated for quarterly updates.

So far this month, the only Galaxy Tab device to get updated is the 2019 Galaxy Tab Active Pro, which was built to be durable. The tablet, which is still on Android 11, got its latest security update on July 9.

  • Galaxy Tab Active Pro — T540XXS3CVF3 (Released first in Mexico)

In addition to the many high-end flagship & foldable phones that Samsung makes, the Korean phone giant also has a bevy of more affordable devices. These range from the mid-range Galaxy A series, lower-end Galaxy M series, and the Flipkart focused Galaxy F series.

The month started out on an odd note, with Samsung debuting the July 2022 security patch on the Galaxy A32 on July 1. This was followed a few days later by the Galaxy A23, which got its update on July 4.

Next up, the Galaxy A53 snagged the latest update and security fixes on July 7, alongside the affordable Galaxy F62. US versions of A-series phones started picking up the update on July 9, with the Galaxy A42 5G.

The Galaxy A52 5G was next in line, with customers in Europe getting the security update on July 15, with a similar update rolling out for the Galaxy A52s 5G. That same day, the Galaxy A33 5G picked up its patch, starting in a few countries in Asia. Those in the United States got their next A-series update on July 18, with this year’s Galaxy A13 getting bumped up.

  • Galaxy A53 — A536NKSU2AVFA (Released first in Korea)
    • US: Available on unlocked devices
  • Galaxy A52 5G — A526BXXU1CVG2 (Released first in Europe)
  • Galaxy A52s 5G — A528BXXS1CVG2 (Released first in Europe)
  • Galaxy A42 5G — A426U1UES4BVF1 (Released first in the US)
    • US: Available on carrier-locked devices
  • Galaxy A33 5G — A336EDXU2AVG2 (Released first in India)
  • Galaxy A32 — A325NKSU1BVF2 (Released first in Korea)
  • Galaxy A23 — A235FXXU1AVF3 (Released first in Germany)
  • Galaxy A13 — A135U1UES2AVG1 (Released first in the US)
  • Galaxy F62 — E625FDDU2BVG1 (Released first in India)

How to check for the latest OTA on your Galaxy device

If your device is slated to have been updated already, but the patch hasn’t arrived for you personally, you can try updating manually. Simply open the Settings app, tap “Software update,” and choose “Download and install.”

This article was first published on July 5 and most recently updated on July 18.

Author: Kyle Bradshaw
Source: 9TO5Google

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