Samsung has yet again dropped Galaxy Z Flip 3 trade-in values when upgrading to Flip 4 [U]

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 was an excellent device, but its sequel is even better. That’s why it was exciting for Flip 3 owners to get the chance to upgrade for the Galaxy Z Flip 4 for minimal cost thanks to excellent trade-in value, but that deal seems to have been cut short.

On launch day, was offering the Galaxy Z Flip 4 with “enhanced trade-in credits” of up to $900, leaving the remaining cost of the phone as little as just $99. It was an excellent deal, but what made it best was that the Galaxy Z Flip 3 was eligible for the full trade-in credit of $900.

Or, at least it was.

As of this evening, we’ve noticed that is now showing two options for trading in the Galaxy Z Flip 3, one option for 128GB and another for 256GB. On launch day, there was only a single option for the Galaxy Z Flip 3 in the trade-in menu, earning the full $900 credit. Now, the 128GB model only earns $700, while the 256GB model earns $900 in credit toward the cost of a Flip 4. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 only charged an additional $100 to go from the 128GB model to the 256GB model.

Update 8/16: As of this evening, Samsung has yet again lowered Galaxy Z Flip 3 trade-in values, now offering $800 for the 256GB variant of the device, and only offered the full $900 for the Bespoke Edition. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy S22 Ultra are the only devices currently eligible for the full $900 credit. Trade-in value for the Galaxy S22+ also appears to have been dropped by $25.

This difference, as mentioned, was not in place on launch day, and appears to have kicked in within the past 24 hours or so.

Samsung was not immediately available for comment on the change.

While credits for future Galaxy Z Flip 3 trade-ins appear to have been lowered, the change does not appear to be happening retroactively. At least one user confirmed that their order is still showing the full $900 credit on a 128GB trade-in.

Samsung is still offering other perks with Flip 4 pre-orders, including up to $200 in instant credit, a free case, doubled storage, and more. The Galaxy Z Flip 4 releases on August 26.

Max Weinbach contributed to this article.

Thanks Parker, TechnicallyTee!

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Author: Ben Schoon
Source: 9TO5Google

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