Samsung Galaxy Note10 pre-orders in South Korea are twice as high as Note9’s

The Samsung Galaxy Note10 is a hit in South Korea – the locals have pre-ordered twice as many units as they did Galaxy Note9s last year. The new flagship went up on pre-order on August 9, so it has been 11 days (Samsung will start shipping units this Friday).

And in that period a total of 1.3 million units of Note 10 and Note10+ have been pre-ordered. The most popular model proved to be the Galaxy Note10+ 5G with 256GB storage and the Aura Glow paint job. Note that Samsung is only offering the 5G versions of both Note10s in South Korea.

Korean carriers have been offering subsidies to buyers ranging from KRW 280,000 to 450,000 ($230-$370). Premium plans from KT score the maximum subsidies while SK Telecom and LG Uplus deals top out at KRW 420,000.

There’s some controversy here too. Some KT retailers were offering subsidies north of KRW 700,000, which was deemed illegal by the Korea Communications Commission. The full retail price of the Galaxy Note10 is KRW 1,100,000, so that would have been a massive discount.


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Author: Peter
Source: GSMArena

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