Samsung Galaxy M20s is reportedly on the way with a 5,830 mAh battery

Samsung seems to be on a quest to endlessly diversify its mid-range Galaxy A and Galaxy M series of smartphones, adding derivative models left and right. The next one in this regard might be the M20, which is reportedly soon getting an M20s sibling.

The Galaxy M20s is rumored to come with a huge 5,830 mAh battery, which dwarfs even the M20’s already impressive 5,000 mAh cell. The M20s’ model number is allegedly SM-M207, and the gigantic battery it packs will have the product code EB-BM207ABY. If the 5,830 mAh value is the ‘rated’ capacity, then the ‘typical’ capacity could actually be as much as 6,000 mAh – which is a nicer, rounder number for sure.

It’s unclear when Samsung will make the Galaxy M20s official, and also which countries it plans launching it in. Some M-family members are restricted to certain developing markets, and that may be the case here too. But if we find out anything more about it, you’ll be the first to know.

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Author: Vlad
Source: GSMArena

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