Samsung Calendar update revives Google Calendar’s long-gone natural language processing

A new update rolling out for the Samsung Calendar app is set to make a few key improvements that remind us of what once was with Google Calendar. Group calendar invitation management will be easier for users and quick add recommendations are set to gain a couple of settings in the Samsung Calendar app.

Much like many other stock Samsung apps on Galaxy devices, the Calendar app is not bad at all. It’s easy to read and has plenty of features one might need to keep track of their day or week.

In v12.3.05.10000 of the Samsung Calendar app, some improvements come to existing features you may already be using and not even know it. The first main improvement is the ability to check group calendar invitations from the calendar management page; this is the page where you decide what calendars appear on the monthly view.

Additionally, the Samsung Calendar update is adding the ability to quickly add location details to an event through the creation page. Prior to this update in One UI 4, the Calendar app would try to determine a time from the title of the event. For instance, if you typed in “Lunch at 7,” the Samsung Calendar would suggest the time of the event be changed to 7 pm. Now, that same feature can be used to attempt to determine the location as well.

On top of that, a new helpful addition to this feature set is the option to remove the suggested time once it’s selected. This option does well to clean up your event title once it’s completed. Head to Calendar > Settings > Remove times from event titles.

This is extremely similar to an older feature, available on Google Calendar for the web. This feature has since been dropped and hasn’t been seen since 2018. You could create events with the time and Google would adjust the event to reflect the time in the title. It was a super easy way to create events in a hurry. Now Samsung has almost fully revived the feature with the new updated option to remove the time in the title after submitting.

While this is by no means a massive Samsung Calendar update, these new options and features build upon an already competent app and make use of a wonderful feature set.

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Author: Andrew Romero
Source: 9TO5Google

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