Pixel 6a colors: Google’s stunning ‘Sage’ green and where you can get it

Google’s latest Pixel phone is the mid-range Pixel 6a, which arrives this July for around $450. The device comes with Google Tensor and a familiar design, as well as delivering a new “Sage” green color that’s exclusive to the Pixel 6a. In some countries, though, Pixel 6a colors are a little limited. Here’s what you need to know.

The Pixel 6a is coming in late July to around a dozen different countries, and the phone is a pretty exciting release. Like Google’s current flagship Pixel 6 series, the Pixel 6a uses a Tensor processor under the hood, making it by far the most powerful “A series” Pixel to date. It also means the phone gets five years of security updates, better camera processing, and more.

Google is also releasing the Pixel 6a in some new color options. Where the Pixel 6 is available in Stormy Black, Kinda Coral, and Sorta Seafoam, the Pixel 6a has three more simple colors to choose from.

First on the list is the Pixel 6a in “Charcoal,” a dark gray color with a lighter accent on the top portion of the back of the phone. Then, there’s “Chalk,” which is a slightly off-white with a darker gray strip along the top. And finally, the most enticing Pixel 6a color is “Sage,” which is a pale green color with a lighter accent at the top.

pixel 6a colors

To Google’s credit, this entire lineup of color options is available to most customers, but there are a few regions where “Charcoal” is the only choice. Pixel 6a buyers in Puerto Rico, Ireland, and Singapore will lose two options for Pixel 6a colors. We’ve broken down the full list, including pricing, below.

Pixel 6a colors and where they’re available

  • United States ($449) – Sage, Chalk, Charcoal
  • Puerto Rico ($449) – Charcoal only
  • United Kingdom (£399) – Sage, Chalk, Charcoal
  • Ireland (€459) – Charcoal only
  • Australia (A$749) – Sage, Chalk, Charcoal
  • Canada (CA$599) – Sage, Chalk, Charcoal
  • France (€459) – Sage, Chalk, Charcoal
  • Germany (€459) – Sage, Chalk, Charcoal
  • Italy (€459) – Sage, Chalk, Charcoal
  • Singapore (SGD 749) – Charcoal only
  • Japan (¥ 53,900) – Sage, Chalk, Charcoal
  • Spain (€459) – Sage, Chalk, Charcoal
  • Taiwan ($13,990) – Sage, Chalk, Charcoal

Google has also confirmed that the Pixel 6a will eventually be coming to India, but the company has yet to confirm which colors will be available in the country. Given that this is the first Pixel release in India in a few years, though, it’s probably a safe bet that Charcoal will be the only option.

When it makes its debut, the Pixel 6a will be a hard option to beat on a budget. The Google Tensor processor alone makes for a strong offering, but the phone also comes with Google’s tried-and-true 12MP rear camera with the stellar software backing it up – you won’t find a phone that takes better pictures at this price. Pixel 6a is also IP67 water-resistant and features an under-display fingerprint sensor. The display itself is on the smaller side at 6.1-inches, and you’ll have plenty of storage available at 128GB onboard. The 4,410 mAh battery also seems promising for long endurance and the plastic back will be much more durable than Google’s flagships.

Pixel 6a hits the market in July. You can read more of our coverage below.

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Author: Ben Schoon
Source: 9TO5Google

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