Palm Phone now available unlocked, gets $5/month plans through US Mobile

The minuscule Palm Phone has gone from a Verizon companion device to a standalone mini-phone. Starting today, the Palm Phone is available unlocked for all carriers, and US Mobile is offering exclusive plans that cost just a few bucks a month.

As announced this spring, the Palm Phone is getting an unlocked variant. This new version of the device will be available as a completely standalone device that works on GSM carriers in the US including T-Mobile, AT&T, and others. That unlocked variant has been available on pre-order for the past few months, but it starts shipping to customers today with orders open for $349.

On top of that, Palm has also partnered with US Mobile to bring some exclusive plans for its phone. These new plans make it possible to use the Palm Phone as a secondary device with its own cellular connection without dumping a bunch of extra money into your monthly phone bill. For as little as $5 a month, US Mobile will connect your Palm Phone to its network.

There are three plans available with Light, Moderate, and Ultimate. The Light plan offers 60 minutes of talk time, 200 texts, and 200mb of data. Buying a 12-month plan comes down to $5 a month, or you can be billed monthly for $7.50. The Moderate plan doubles the cost and brings 250 minutes, 1,000 texts, and 1GB of data. Finally, the Ultimate plan offers unlimited talk and text and 8GB of data for $240/year or $30/month. Anyone who pre-ordered an unlocked Palm Phone is eligible for a free month of that US Mobile plan too.

We are pleased to announce that today US Mobile is introducing new exclusive mobile plans for all Palm smartphone users. These plans are designed to help customers stay connected at more affordable rates with the same quality of network connectivity.

“The US Mobile plans are perfect for the person who is on-the-go and looking for more affordable options to connect their Palm,” said Howard Nuk, co-founder of Palm. “If you’re using Palm as a secondary phone for the gym or morning runs, at $5 a month, these plans are a no-brainer,” he added.

Source: 9TO5Google

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