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Although non-fungible token (NFT) markets showed improved performance over the past week, June’s sales figures were significantly worse compared to May. Over the last 30 days, NFT sales have decreased by 46.31%.

June’s NFT Market Faces Steep Decline

June proved to be challenging for digital collectible sales, experiencing a 46.31% drop compared to May, which had accrued $479.15 million. According to data, Ethereum-based NFTs led the market with $146.10 million, although this was 50.15% lower than ETH-centric digital collectible sales in May. Bitcoin NFTs generated $114.42 million in June, a 48.34% decline from the previous month.

NFT Sales Take a Hit — Last Month’s Sales Dropped 46% Compared to May

In contrast, Polygon NFTs performed well, securing the third position with $82.43 million, marking a 5.24% increase from the previous month. Following Polygon were Solana with $74.19 million, a decrease of 38.64%, and Mythos with $19.93 million, down 20.3%. The top NFT collection for June was Bitcoin’s Pizza BRC20 NFTs, which recorded $29.17 million in sales.

Next in line was Mythos’ Dmarket collection, which achieved $18.82 million in sales. Ethereum’s Cryptopunks secured the third spot with $15.85 million in NFT sales, followed by Bitcoin Puppets with $12.47 million and the BTC-centric NFT collection Nodemonkes with $12.33 million.

The most expensive NFT sale came from the Ethereum blockchain, where Cryptopunk #627 sold for $836,149 seven days ago. The second-highest sale was Bitcoin’s Punk #50, which fetched $306,725 eight days ago. As the dust settles on June’s tumultuous NFT market, it’s clear that despite a general downturn, certain platforms like Polygon have carved out gains, suggesting a nuanced landscape.

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