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Remilia Corporation, a digital art and non-fungible token (NFT)-related business, has filed a lawsuit against three independent contractors whom it accuses of siphoning $1 million from the company. Founder Krishna Okhandiar denied claims the three had at any point “sought equity shares in Remilia while negotiating their contracts.”

Trio ‘Failed to Perform at an Adequate Level’

Remilia Corporation, a digital art and non-fungible token (NFT)-related business, has filed a lawsuit against three individuals accused of illegally taking control of the company’s revenues. In the lawsuit filed with the U.S. District Court of Nevada, Remilia and founder Krishna Okhandiar allege that John Duff, Henry Smith, and Maxwell Roux acted illegally when they allegedly took control of $1 million belonging to the business.

In addition, the company and its founder denied that the three, who worked as independent contractors, had “sought equity shares in Remilia while negotiating their contracts.” Instead, Remilia asserts that the three were assigned managerial roles that “each failed to perform at an adequate level.” The trio’s poor performance culminated in their demotion, the lawsuit said.

‘Serious Miscalculations’

Commenting on the legal steps that the company has taken to recover lost funds, Okhandiar, who goes by the name Charlotte Fang on X (formerly Twitter), said Remilia has since “temporarily paused Bonkler’s daily mint.” The founder also explained how the trio orchestrated the conspiracy and why this ultimately failed.

“The developer also seized codebases and coordinated with two others on the team in an attempt to seize control of our social media, followed by demands for a significant portion of our treasury, including the NFT reserves. However, some serious miscalculations were made—we easily identified the individuals involved and will pursue them to the fullest extent of the law. We expect all our property to be returned,” Charlotte Fang wrote on X.

The founder added that Remilia’s reserves were not affected and that users’ assets remain secure. Okhandiar, however, acknowledged that Remilia has lost control of three social media accounts and said users should now avoid using these.

Meanwhile, in the lawsuit filed on Sept. 11, Remilia and Okhandiar said they are seeking the court’s favorable judgment on 11 charges being leveled against Duff, Smith, and Roux.

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